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What happens in ocean to ocean convergent boundary?


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Either plates gets subducted which is usually the older plate.


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At an ocean ocean convergent boundary, there will be a formation of volcanoes.

convergent boundary -rift valley divergent boundary -mid-ocean ridge

the mid ocean ridges cause the magma to form at a convergent plate boundary.

Papua New Guinea is a Ocean-Ocean Convergent Boundary Type

Oceanic-oceanic convergent lead to the formation of Mariana Trench.

Oceanic-continental convergent boundary, Oceanic-oceanic convergent boundary, and Continental-continental convergent boundary.

Oceanic-oceanic convergent boundary, Oceanic-continental convergent boundary, Continental-continental convergent boundary.

Convergent boundary Convergent boundary

a convergent plate boundaryon a convergent boudaryA Convergent Plate Boundary.

There are 3 types of Convergent boundaries, they are; 1. Continental-continental convergent boundary. 2. Continental-oceanic convergent boundary. 3. Oceanic-oceanic convergent boundary.

Convergent boundary mountains are mountains formed by convergent boundaries.

Oceanic-oceanic convergent boundary, continental-oceanic convergent boundary, and continental-continental convergent boundary.

A convergent plate boundary where subduction occurs.

it would be more likely to occur at convergent ocean-continental boundary beacuse the rocks are composed with a higher silica and has much thicker continental crust.

The Solomon Islands are an example of a Convergent Boundary.

a convergent boundary creates mountains.

There's the Continent-Continent Convergent Boundary, the Continent-Oceanic Convergent Boundary, and the Oceanic-Oceanic Convergent Boundary.

A convergent boundary between a continental plate and an oceanic plate

a convergent boundary causes compression

Yes, Mount Katmai is on a Convergent boundary

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