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Q: What happens in the beginning of stave 2 in Christmas carol?
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How many chapters are in A Christmas Carol?

None, as A Christmas Carol isn't written in chapters, it is written in Staves. There are five staves in 'A Christmas Carol' to mimic the fact that it is a Carol. The stave titles are below... Stave I/Stave 1=Marley's Ghost Stave II/Stave 2=The First of The Three Spirits Stave III/Stave 3=The Second of The Three Spirits Stave IV/Stave 4=The Last of The Three Spirits Stave V/Stave 5=The End of it

What is a stave how does it conect to the title A Christmas Carol?

A stave is a musical term. A Chritmas Carol is a musical piece

What is stave 2 in A Christmas Carol about?

Stave 2 contains the story area of Scooges Christmas past

How many places did Scrooge go to in stave 4 of A Christmas Carol?

He went to at least three to four different places in stave four of A Christmas Carol.

What is the phantom's name that appears at the end of Stave 3 of a Christmas carol?

The spirit through that stave is the Ghost of Christmas Present

Does Stave One of A Christmas Carol take place on Christmas Eve?

Yes, it does.

What does Scrooge buy in A Christmas Carol?

A Turkey in Stave 5

Who is the dead man in stave 3 in Christmas carol?


Was Christmas goose mentioned in Charles dickens Christmas carol?

yes in stave 3

What is an example of imagery in stave 2 of A Christmas Carol?

The description of the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Who appears at the very end of the stave in a Christmas carol?

At the end of Stave 3 the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Coem appears nearly immediately

Why is a Christmas Carol divided into staves and not chapters?

A stave is a section (or chapter) of a song like a carol.