What happens in the last episode of Naruto Shippuden?

No one except Masashi Kishimoto knows it. The episode hasn't been released yet.

naruto goes bersterk and kills everyone

ugh no...he fights with pein/pain...destroys almost all of his bodies by going in sage mode but in the end some bodies are left but he looses his strength and at that moment hinata shows up and try to protect him from pein...confesses her luv for naruto but iz too weak to defeat pein and apperantly pein kills her and then naruto goes eighttailed-kyubi and just when the seal on the kyubi iz about to be released the 4th hokage AKA naruto's father shows up (a message left by 4th hokage to stable him when the seal was about to break) and tells him that he was his father and then naruto gets emotional and controls himself and kills pein/pain.