What happens in the opening credits of Furniture To Go?

The opening credits for The Learning Channel's Furniture To Go.
Set in a stop motion live animation,

It begins with a billboard sign has "Furniture To Go" written on it.
Then a truck full of Furniture in the back appears.

Then the truck stops there and sees a workshop door has "Furniture To Go with
The Furniture Guys" written below.

Joe gets out of the truck and grabs a chair
Then Ed was smiling and tilting his glasses has "Ed Feldman" written on it, and smiles.

Then Joe was smiling in front of the camera has "Joe L'Erario"
written on it and and gasps.

After that Joe and Ed was pushing the hoosier cabinet as other
chairs move.

Joe was catching a chair and a table with legs walking
a refference to a dog.

But then Ed was screaming with a green chair running
and says AAAAAH! similar to a cat.

There was Joe and Ed running with the hoosier cabinet
being opened as they run.

The two legs on the chair was broken and it's fixed
and puts it down

At the end Ed and Joe are standing below the chairs
and they sit as the theme song ends.

Cut to a black background with a bulb has "Furniture To Go"
written on it, and it lights up in red green and turquoise blue.