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What happens in the state of Georgia if you run away at the age of 17 and they don't find you until you are 18 and can they do anything to you once you turn 18 if you ran away at 17?


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September 13, 2011 12:08PM

Umm, im pretty sure in the state of Georgia that its legal to run away when your 17, I don't even think it'd be called running away, just moving out... unless you were kidnapped... but that's a different question

ok plz answer questions you KNOW.

IF in the state of Georgia the legal age is 18 for an adult. ONLY unless your parrents call u in as a run-away aka missing person you have a record. (i know from personal experience) now..if u happen to turn 18 while your still out and about then you ARE still in the system (not as missing person but as missing adult)till they find u (or u get pulled over and they run your name) but when they do find you, you are of legal age to where you will not get introuble and your record clears!