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It wouldn't be good for India, because <a href="">essays</a>

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How are people outsourcing India?

People are outsourcing India because countries such as the US, have computer companies hire employees in India to solve the customer's problem. India makes a lot of money when the US hires employees from India.

Why has outsourcing from the US become an important source of income in countries such as India?

it bhelps us get reasources

What will happen if the us stopped outsourcing?

pretty much, outsourcing is the best thing. if we didn't outsource, a pack of pop rocks would cost much more than 1.09 with tax. (its a product of Spain) some outsourcing is illegal, but that's the other country's responsibility. in my opinion, if the US were to stop all outsourcing, we would sink even deeper into the blackhole of the current economy... so... it would be very bad. you welcome :D But in my opinion it is not so if us sttoped its outsourcing from India it is not going to effect India up to more extenty because its going to provide intechtual base for India itself. the intelligency of the Indian it people are going to be used for Indian that will be a developing stage for India

What are the most important industries in India?

Outsourcing has poured millions of US dollars into India as well as agriculture, textile, mining petroleum, cement and software.

When did outsourcing begin?

Outsourcing begins as early as the late 17th century when US outsourced workers in Scotland to make wagon covers and sails of clipper ships - with materials imported from India.

How can the 7.9 million jobs lost in the us be regained?

It would require 7.9 million jobs be created. This could happen if outsourcing stops.

Is Offshore Outsourcing bad for the US?

No i not

Is outsourcing good or bad for the US?


How does telemarketing outsourcing work?

With telemarketing outsourcing you would have your telemarketers based overseas. This is a common practice for some US companies.

When a US company hires a company outside of the US what technique are they using?


What is verticity?

Verticity is a BPO firm offering outsourcing/offshoring services using its South Asian facility as an operations hub while also having a US corporate office in NY. Offshoring / IT outsourcing / Outsourcing / BPO Business Process Outsourcing

Which us president started outsourcing?

Ronald Reagan

What is telecom outsourcing?

Telecom outsourcing is a term too desribe a company using another for there telecom work. It is common for US companies to outsource this work.

What companies in the United States use telecom outsourcing?

The list of companies in the US is endless. There is a big push to stop the outsourcing so jobs can be saved.

What are the benefits of outsourcing with a Virtual Employee?

Prior to analyzing the benefits of outsourcing to a Virtual Employee we must initially consider, &ldquo;What is a outsourcing Virtual Employee?&rdquo; A Virtual Employee is an employee that is legally employed by an outsourcing provider, (situated in India) but whom in practise directly works for a company from the USA or Europe. A Virtual Employee is indented to fill a fairly long term and permanent position and so the employee will be dedicated solely to the US companies&rsquo; requirements. A Virtual Employee is where an outsourcing provider in effect &ldquo;leases&rdquo; its employee to a company from the US. In addition to this the outsourcing provider will lease its office space and office hardware, (PC, internet connection, fax, scanner, phone..etc) to the company outsourcing. With such a setup the Virtual Employee is thus in a position to work directly for and with the company from the US. In respect of work considerations, the outsourcing provider entrusts the US company with full control of instructing the Virtual Employee at their own discretion. Hence, in essence the US company can hire a full time, permanent and dedicated employee from India who will work for the company just like any other employee in the US would. The only difference is that the Virtual Employee works remotely as opposed to physically from the US companies premises. Virtual Employees can be hired in any field of office work; from highly technical positions such as engineering, medicine, programming and law to back office positions such as cyber secretaries, researchers and telemarketers. So what are the benefits of outsourcing with a Virtual Employee? Outsourcing reduces you cost: When outsourcing to a country like India the cost is in the region of USD$799- USD$999 per month. The savings companies can experience when outsourcing are considerable. Outsourcing Any office Work in Any Field: You can hire a Virtual Employee in any office field; from programming, law, accounts and engineering to transcriptionists, virtual assistants and call center agents. Outsourcing hence gives you the option to find those skilled employees you can&rsquo;t at home or outsource your non-core work. Outsourcing means no overhead costs: When you outsource you need not invest in office hardware or office space because the Virtual Employee works from the outsourcing service providers office. All office hardware and office space costs are inclusive in the fee your outsourcing service provider will charge monthly. No Tax&hellip;your offshore outsourcing!: You are offshore outsourcing and so national tax does not apply. Increase efficiency: Outsourcing will put you in a position to focus on your core competencies. Outsourcing will reduce your burden and enable to you concentrate on what is most important to your company. Outsourcing to Dedicated Virtual Employees: Employees from India are renowned for their hard work ethic and productive results. You are likely to be very pleased with the results your Virtual Employee produces. Scale up Scale Down: Increasing and decreasing the size of your staff is very easy when outsourcing with a Virtual Employee. You don&rsquo;t invest in infrastructure and so your just one quick email away from increasing your number of employees when you are compounded with heavy work loads and decreasing your staff should your sales nose dive. Outsourcing helps you to Beat your competition: All the above advantages from outsourcing will in turn enable you to be beat your competition. With lower costs and high productivity levels you are likely to witness your company rise markedly.

US and China outsource?

Both China and US are among the world's outsourcing destination list.

What is it called when US companies have products manufactured by foreign countries?


What best explains why globalization has led to wage cuts in some jobs in the US?

Outsourcing increases the domestic supply of workers, driving down the price of labor.Outsourcing

How do you use the word displace in a sentence?

Foreign outsourcing displaces US engineers.

Which of the following results of globalization has led to wage cut for workers in the US?


What results from outsourcing from the US to other countries?

... Lower wages for U.S. workers

Is Clothing made in Sri Lanka and sold in the US an example of global outsourcing?

Example of Global OutsourcingFrom my understanding, the answer to your question is 'yes'. That is one example of outsourcing. A few things that you need to know about outsourcing, it doesn't necessarilly involve products. For example, it's common to hear that a lot of telephone operators are outsourced to India. This means that when someone calls to a US company, to ask for information about product information, it is most likely that someone in India is answering the call. Apart from India, one of my friend from Philippines, confirmed that there are also a lot of US company opening up call centers in Philippines as well. According to him, these call centers operate till late at night and early mornings. This is due to the fact that the time zone is different with Philippines and US. The reason for outsourcing can be cost. This means that it's costs less for the US company to allow part of its department or operation to be handled by someone from another part of the world, than it's own employees. Apart from savings in cost, it can also be argued that outsourcing some part of the firm's operation can be beneficial to the firm, as the firm may lack expertise in it. For example, the past few years there have been companies that outsource their human resource department to other firms. What this means is that specialized firm that deal with human resource issues like hiring or finding the right people, assist these companies. We can argue that outsourcing can not only reduce cost, but at times produce better results than doing it on our own.

When a US business hires a third party within the US to provide services they offer to their customers it is called?


What force stops boots from slipping?

It is friction that stops us from slipping

Which results from outsourcing jobs from the US to other countries?

Lower wages for U.S workers.

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