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The next of kin should notify the lender immediately for instructions. It holds the title to the vehicle. The lender may be willing to make arrangements for an heir to take over the payments or it may take possession if no heir comes forward. It depends on the details of the particular situation.

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Q: What happens to a car loan for a recently deceased person who does not have a co-signer a Will or any other estate?
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Is the spouse of a deceased cosigner responsible for the debt?

The ESTATE is responsible.

How can a cosigner sue estate of deceased borrower?

Consult with an attorney who can review your situation and explain your options, if any.

When the cosigner dies is the spouse responsible for a repossion that she did not cosign for?

The spouse is not responsible and should not have this on her credit. But the estate of the deceased will still be responsible for the debt.

If a cosigner has died and the primary borrower defaults is the cosigner's estate obligated to pay the debt?

Creditors/lenders will attempt almost anything to collect a debt. It is unlikely that a lender could place a claim against a deceased cosigner's estate and be awarded a judgment. But, there are no certainties in the murky creditor vs. debtor arena.

What happens to a deceased's estate if there's no will?

In most countries the state takes over the estate and distributes it to the deceased's relatives in accordance with the law. If no relatives can be found the estate becomes the property of the state.

What happens to the winnings of a deceased Massachusetts lottery winner?

In some states the money will go the estate of the deceased winner.

Can a claim be submitted for repairs if the homeowner is recently deceased and the home is in probate?

The estate is responsible for the maintenance of the property. The administrator or executor of the estate can submit a claim on behalf of the estate.

What happens to the equity when home owner dies and the home is sold?

It goes into the deceased's estate.

If a card holder is deceased but a family member had an additional card and charged over 5000 dollars since the death and is now recently deceased who is responsible for the fraud and debt?

The estate of the second deceased can be sued. A claim should be filed against the estate immediately.

What happens if a surviving step-mother refuses to give assets to the children of the deceased as decreed in the deceased's will?

She is interfering with the distribution of the estate. She can be sued.

Is sister responsible for deceased brother debt if no will?

Without some other duty owed the creditor (ie: cosigner on a loan, executor of estate obligated to pay creditor out of estate assets), there is no responsibility for the sibling of the deceased to pay the debts of the deceased. Further, the executor of an estate has no personal liability to pay debts of the deceased beyond the available funds of the estate. ---- Atty. John Libertine is providing this information for research purposes only, and is not offering legal advice. Licensing information is subject to change.

What happens if someone dies intestate and has no relatives?

The entire estate goes to the state in which the deceased had resided.

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