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Q: What happens to a car that gets window wash fluid in the coolant system?
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What happens if you accidentally put brake fluid in the coolant reservoir?

Then you need to "accidentally" remove it ... pronto, which may mean flushing out the entire coolant system if the engine has been run.

You accidentally put window washer fluid in the coolant container - what's the damage?

Probably no damage, especially if you only filled the reservoir with it and not the whole cooling system. Use a turkey baster and suck up what's in the reservoir, dispose of properly. Then refill with coolant. I'm really not sure if the washer fluid will screw with the various rust inhibitors or lubricants key to the coolant. If you're really concerned, just flush the coolant and refill the system.

When do you check the oil in your car?

I check the oil in my cars every weekend, along with trans fluid, coolant, steering fluid and window washer fluid. I check brake fluid and tires daily.

What fluid do you use for a 2001 Dodge Ram?

Depends on which fluid you are referring to: * transmission fluid * engine oil fluid * engine coolant fluid * brake fluid * power steering fluid * window washer fluid A little more specificity please!

Accidentally put coolant in the window washer container?

Well, better to have done that as opposed to window washer fluid in the radiator. You need to drain the window washer bottle of this erroneous fluid. If enough of it gets on the car paint (as in overspray when squirting it on the windows) it could harm the finish and shine eventually. Also, coolant will not do nearly the nice cleaning job that normal window washer fluids do.

What happens if you put steering fluid in the coolant reservoir?

Drain the coolant reserve chamber and refill with new coolant. Can use a turkey baster ot remove hose from chamber.

Why does your coolant light keep going on when you have coolant?

You may need to add fluid to your cooling system. These lights are programed to alert you if the levels are low.

A fluid tank symbol as appeared on your dashboard any clues?

One of the car's fluids is running low, can be coolant or even window washer.

What happens to fluid that leaks from capillaries?

It goes into the waste system

Radiator spews fluid out when changing water?

The cooling system on you car's engine is pressurized to reduce the evaporation temperature of the fluid, to make the system more efficient. If you open the radiator cap when the engine is hot, the fluid sprays out as the pressure equalizes. This can burn the s##t out of you, seriously. It's dangerous and wasteful of the coolant fluid. WAIT, an hour or so, to let the engine and readiator cool off, before taking off the cap. Then you can add water/coolant mixture. DO NOT PUT ONLY WATER into the system! Use a mixture of coolant and water, or straight coolant from the bottle.

What happens when you put transmission fluid in the coolant reservoir?

You are then qualified to work at Jiffy-Lube. Tranny fluid in the fluid resivoir is not a huge deal if it is a small amount. If you put in more, just drain the coolant and refill with fresh according to you manufacturer. Transmission fluid has different properties than coolant. It needs to conduct heat, lubricate the water pump and not vaproize at the engine temperatures.

How can you tell if your radiator has fluid In your 1997 Chevy cavaliar?

Open the radiator cap when engine is cool. Coolant should be right at the top. If the cooling system is healthy, the coolant reservoir will keep the system full.

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