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First, there is likely a criminal penalty and the minor can sue them for conversion of funds.

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Q: What happens to a relative when they steal all the money from a trust fund of a minor child?
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What are child abandonment laws in alabama?

To be considered child abandonment in Alabama, a parent or legal guardian must leave a minor child with no money, clothing, shelter, food, or communication for over 3 months. If this happens, their rights can be stripped from them.

Do you get money for equal payments for each child in foster care even if they are a relative?


Can a parent tell their kid that they can't buy something resonable with their own money?

If the child is a minor, the parent has the right to control what the child does with the money and has the right to determine what items the child may have or use.

How much money to give at a baptism?

As in every situation, you give what you can comfortable afford. If the child is a close relative, you give as generously as possible and as your heart dictates. If the child is a friend's child, you might not give as much as you would your own relative.

If two children are the beneficiaries on a life insurance policy and one is under the age of 18 who gets the money for the minor child?

No one. Each child will be able to collect their share of the money when they are 18. The money for the minor child will be kept by the insurance company until the minor turns 18. This is why it is not a good idea to name minors as beneficiaries of life insurance policies if the money would be necessary for the upbringing of the child. Either name an adult that you trust or create a life insurance trust to be named as the beneficiary.

How can a 17 yr old minor get child support in their name if the legal guardian is not supporting them with their money?

The parent who pay child support to your legal guardian have to go to court and modify the child support order so the money goes to you. This is usually only done when the minor goes to college etc but if the minor still lives at home the money goes to the parent/legal guardian to pay for electricity, rent, food, etc.

What happens if a second child is born in china and parents don't have enough money to pay child support?

A child is abandonded or killed

What happens if a second child is born in China?

If a second child is born in China the parents have to have enough money to pay child support for the second child.

In BC law according to Divorce Act agreement what if one parent wants to give a minor child support directly to child and the other parent doesn't?

the money given directly to the child will not be considered child support this money has to go directly to the parent with whom the child is living

When can a minor child receive money from a deceased parents life insurance policy?

No, the insurance company will hold the money and will pay interest on proceeds until the child is of majority age in the state where the children were born.

What happens to the child support when the child moves out at the age of 16?

Depending on the state laws on when child support ends, a request of the court can be made for the money to go directly to the child.

What happens to back support when receiver dies?

The money is still owed to the estate. This is money that should have been available for the support of the child, and the estate is less because that money wasn't received. In all likelihood, the child is going to get the money at that point.

What happens when a person dies and is owed money by a relative?

If the debt is evidenced in writing it is the obligation of the executor to collect the debt owed to the estate.

Does the custodial parent get the money paid as a body attachment for back child?

I suppose that happens often.

In Michigan if a 17-year-old has personal property they bought with there money can parents take away?

10. In Michigan, a minor child (under 18 years of age) is legally defined as a possession of a parent(s). A minor child (a “possession”) cannot own possessions; therefore, any gift to the minor child, something a minor bought with personal money, or wages earned by the minor child are legally the possessions of the parent. A 17 year old who has left home against the parents’ wishes and refuses to return home has no legal right to any possessions in the parent’s home. 11. Parents control whether a minor child has a driver’s license until the age of 18 years. A parent can at any time revoke a minor child’s driving privileges. The parent will need to write a letter to the Secretary of State which indicates the minor child no longer has the parent’s permission to have a driver’s license. Here is the link this cam from

I thought you cannot give child support to a minor doesn't the money have to go to the custodial parent?

Yes it has to go to the custodial parent

Can an adult sue their parent for withholding child support that was provided for them?

In what way did they withhold it? Money given to take care of a child could be put to the mortgage, clothes, food and all sorts of things. It wasn't money that was to be handed to the kid to use as they wished. A minor has no rights to the money.

Can your parents legally spend your child support money on themselves?

If a minor child is being abused or neglected, the obligated parent paying the child support can (and should) request an investigation by the state's department of child protective services. The court does not monitor the use of child support monies if the child has not been neglected, abused or is living in an environment which could be considered unsuitable. For example, if the minor child is not receiving necessities, food, clothing, medical care, education, and so forth; and it can be proven that the custodial parent used the support money for drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc. there could be grounds for prosecution of that individual and the minor would in all likelihood be made a "ward of the state".

What happens to the money when child support puts a lien on your bank account?

They take the money...sometimes all of it depending on what is owed and process it through the states central collection unit for child support. They money is then transferred to the custodial parent.

How do you stop child support from taking your money?

If there is a court order and the child is a minor they have the right to take it to support your child. That will not end until the child is 18-21 depending on the law in your state. If the child now is that age you need to contact the court to stop the child support. It will not stop by itself.

Child abandonment laws in utah?

If a parent does not provide money, communication, food, clothing, or shelter for a minor child for over 30 days it is considered child abandonment in Utah. This can lead to parental rights being terminated.

What happens if you don't report your child doesn't live with you anymore and you get child support?

Keeping the money is theft. You will have to pay it back. The money should go to the person who have the kids and if that is none of the parents, both parent have to pay child support to that person.

Would it take a lot of money to arrest you on child support?

Nope. Happens all the time. Someone has to pay to raise you child, it really should be you.

Can you pay child support to your child?

With some exceptions,child support is not paid directly to the child because it is not "the child's money" - it is compensation to the custodial parent because they are raising the child alone. Child support must be paid to the custodial parent or legal guardian.However, if the child is no longer living with the custodial parent (in the case of an emancipated minor or a child 18 or older who is a full-time student), the court can be petitioned to have the money directly paid to the child.

What happens when you win prize money but owe child support?

nothing if no arrears exist see link