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Q: What happens to a runaway teen after they have been gone for a long time?
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How long does a child have to be gone to be considered a runaway in Indiana?

A child can be reported missing as soon as it is known that they are gone. In many places an amber alert can be issued immediately.

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Similar lyrics occur in the song "I Miss You" by Monifah (It's been too long / Since you've been gone)

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Oh how its been so long Were so sorry weve been gone We've been righting songs for you all

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How long will a teen be locked up for runaway?

Not. As long as the runaway hasn't committed anything criminal, and the parents aren't pressing any charges.

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How can you go about having your daughter being adopted by your husband if the biological father cannot be located to sign over his rights?

it depends on the state and how long the biological father has been gone. It is never a bad idea to petition the court to see what happens.

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