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Thermostats, like other parts, just fail. That's why there are about a zillion of them for sale in the auto parts stores. Just pick up a new one, if you think yours has failed. FriPilot

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What happens when thermostat does not open?

en the thermostat doesn't open it cant let the fluids flow into your engine causing it to overheat.

What happens to the motor when you put in a thermostat backwards?

It will probably overheat. answer= thermostat will not open and will prevent the flow of coolant . which will in turn do damage to your engine

What happens when thermostat goes out?

If it's stuck open, no heat. If it's stuck closed, over heat.

What happens when the thermostat fails?

When the thermostat in your car fails it usually fails to open which in turn does not allow radiator water to pass through the engine and cool it, so the engine over heats.

What reading will you get on your multimeter if furnace thermostat is bad or open?

If the thermostat is open, the ohm reading will be O/L.

On a 2001 ford ranger the thermostat will not open?

The thermostat is done it has to be replaced.......

Why does a citigolf 1.4 takes 15 minutes to get to the right temperature?

Sounds like your thermostat is stuck open. Replace that and see what happens.

What happens when thermastat is stuck open?

If the thermostat in a vehicle sticks open the engine will not reach proper operating temperature. The open thermostat will prevent the car's heater from giving much or any heat during cold winter driving and will also cause the engine to use more fuel than normal.

Where is the thermostat on a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird LE?

The thermostat is in the radiator. Open the radiator lid and pull the thermostat out.

What kind of thermostat for a 1997 Pontiac Transport?

The thermostat that open at 195 F.

What happens when thermostat fail?

If it's stuck open-nothing. If it's stuck closed (more likely) no circulation & overheating. At least they are cheap.

Can a car overheat with a stuck open thermostat?

Usually the car would run cool, unless the thermostat is stuck partially open.

Why does the temp gauge read low when the motor is warm and the thermostat is open?

The thermostat is probably stuck open, even when the engine is cold.

Can an automobile thermostat stick open?

Yes they can stick open or closed. An automobile thermostat is just as likely to stick open as it is to stick shut. Symptoms of a stuck open thermostat are slow to reach normal operating temperature and only warm air blowing from the heater. Symptoms of a stuck closed thermostat are engine over-heating and radiator boil-over.

How often should you change my thermostat in my car?

when the thermostat will not open when placed in a cup of boiling water

Why do you lose heat driving down the road in a ford f 150 you have heat when it is idling but lose it driving?

Thermostat is stuck open Thermostat is stuck open

At what temperature does the thermostat open for a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee 4.0 liter?

Depends on the type thermostat. On most vehicles it will open at 195 Degrees F.

Stuck open thermostat make it run hot 1986 Honda prelude?

No, generally an open or missing thermostat will make the engine run too cool.

What temperature does the discovery 2 td5 thermostat open at?

discovery 2 td5 thermostat starts opening at 82 deg c and is fully open at 96

Why 1994 dodge ram cargo van only blows warm heat at 40 miles per hour and won't heat idling?

Low coolant or stuck open thermostat.Low coolant or stuck open thermostat.

Coolant not getting hot enough for thermostat to open?

Usually this is not the case. It looks like a bad thermostat, because no way the coolant is not getting hot, but a rusted up thermostat would not open for the coolant to circulate. If I were you I will change the thermostat first than check the water pump.

How do you check for a bad thermostat?

U take the thermostat out, get a pot of water, put the thermostat in it and start it to boiling. When the water reaches the temp that the thermostat is designed to operate at it should open , if not , it is defective

How do you find the thermostat on ford mondeo?

open the bonnet

Car not warming up?

thermostat can be stuck open

Should thermostat open like 316 of an inch or open a little more?

That is about normal.

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