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Capillaries supply blood to your tissues. When the body is at rest, less energy is being used so the capillaries are not as engorged in comparison to exercise.

When one rests on harder surfaces, more pressure points occur that can close off capillaries and decrease blood flow. This can be amended with cushioning, or balanced by changing body position intermittently to allow easier circulation to these areas.

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Were does the blood take oxygen and nutrients?

To the rest of the body. It exchanges the gasses and nutrients with the rest of the body at the capillaries.

What happens to most of the digested food carried by the capillaries?

the capillaries diffuse the digested food to every cell in the body

What system circulates blood to the lungs and the rest of the body and consists of arteries veins and capillaries?

circulatory system

What are the types and functions of blood vessels?

Types:1- Arteries2- Veins3- CapillariesArteries bring oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the rest of the body, veins bring oxygen-poor blood from the rest of the body to the heart, and capillaries connect arteries to veins.

What happens to the blood in the rest of the body?

tyute rest blood away from the heart

What are the the vein artiries and comparlies?

The arteries are blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart to the rest of the body. Arteries branch into smaller arterioles, which branch into capillaries. Capillaries are one-cell thick and have a diameter of about the width of one blood cell. Capillaries form into venules, which form into veins, which carry blood to the heart from the rest of the body. Click on related links for an illustration.

When the oxygen goes into the bloodstream it goes into arteries veins or capillaries?

Oxygen moves into the lungs to the alveoli in the lungs into capillaries into pulmonary veins to the heart then to arteries that go through the rest of the body.

What happens to blood when it flows through a capillaries?

As blood flows through capillaries, it exchanges nutrients, wastes, and oxygen with body tissues. This transfer is accomplished via diffusion.

How do the skin and capillaries work together to regulate body temperature?

When you are hot, the capillaries near the surface of your skin open up to release heat from your body. When this happens you usually sweat as well to help cool off the skin. What is interesting is that this also happens when you are cold. It is called hyperemia. At first the capillaries constrict so that you don't loose body heat, but after a while your body dilates them in order to provide oxygenated blood to the skin.

What happens as blood flows through lung capillaries?

what happens as the blood flows through the lung capillaries

Which capillaries are the most common in the body?

continuous capillaries

What capillaries are the most common in the body?

continuous capillaries

Which capillaries are most common in the body?

continuous capillaries

Capillaries carry------------- from the --------to the body?

capillaries carry blood from the heart to the body

What does nasal spray do to your capillaries?

It entirely depends on what is in the nasal spray. If it is saline spray, then it doesn't really do anything to the capillaries per se. If it is a decongestant then it causes constriction of the capillaries (which will tend to open up the nasal airway). If it is H1N1 influenza spray, then it uses your capillaries to deliver virus to the rest of your body.

Explain what happens in the alveoli?

Carbon dioxide diffuses from the capillaries surrounding the alveoli into the lungs where it is exhaled, and oxygen diffuses into the capillaries surrounding the alveoli into the bloodstream where it will circulate throughout the body.

What do the capillaries do in your body?

Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in your body and act as the exchange point for oxygen.

What is the role of the capillaries?

Capillaries allow for gas exchange in the body.

What happens when blood flows through capillaries?

When blood flows through capillaries, nutrients, oxygen, and wastes diffuse from body tissues to and from the bloodstream. This diffusion helps the cells to maintain homeostasis.

What is blood carried to the heart by?

Unoxygenated blood travels to the heart though the veins to be pumped to your lung capillaries. At you lung capillaries the blood becomes oxygenated and then goes back to the heart to pump oxygenated blood to the rest of your body. the capillaries blood travels though you arteries.

Which blood vessels let the fresh suplies leave the blood and go into the body cells?

Most "fresh supplies" are transferred into the rest of the body through the capillaries. Capillaries are grouped together in what are called Capillary Beds, where the high blood pressure of the arteries is slowed down (capillaries are very thin) to allow for optimum diffusion and transfer.

How does oxygen go from the lungs to the rest of the body?

Oxygen is inhaled into the lungs where it is absorbed into the blood through the alveoli. The alveoli are surrounded by blood capillaries that receive the oxygen. The circulatory system then pumps the blood containing oxygen to the rest of the body.

Why is the blood pressure lower in lung capillaries than body capillaries?

Because if blood pressure in lung capillaries was as high as it is in body capillaries, the hydrostatic pressure caused by this blood pressure would force blood plasma out of the capillaries into intracellular spaces (as is done in body capillaries) or into the alveoli. This would reduce the efficiency of gas exchange.

What happens when smallpox enters your body?

it contaminates the rest of your body and your likely to die if its really bad

What happens to your body if you take up to much energy?

It gets tired. your body goes to rest.