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is past through

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Q: What happens to colours of light that do not pass through filters?
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How do colored filters absorb and transmit different colors of light?

A filter absorbs some colours of white light and lets other colours through to create coloured light

What happens to the light if the light shines through a prism?

White light separates into seven colours

What happens when white light passes through an inverted prism?

Colours shine out!

Why are plastic and glass called filters?

It filters the light through

Why does a different color of light disappear when it goes onto a different color object?

because, as the light travels through the different coloured object, the colour in the object filters the 7 colours of light and only lets the same colour light as the object through.

How do filters affect the color of an object?

Coloured filters are sheets of plastic used to get colour away from white light. They work by letting some of the spectrum through and absorbing other parts of it. For example a red colour filter lets red light and some orange light pass through- it absorbs all other colours of the spectrum From Little miss me9087

What do red filters do to white light?

They appear red and absorb all the other colours.

What happens when you pass a green filter through light?

the light turns green because all the other colours of the spectrum are absorbed while the green is reflected

What material allows some light to pass through it?

the material glass allows light to pass through it. when it passes through it changes the light into the colours of the rainbow. the colours come because the glass splits the light.

What happens when you put a green light and a blue light together?

Nothing. The light gets blocked by the filters.

What color light does a red filter allow through?

it lets through a red light as it absorbs the rest of the colours (all colours make a white light) hope i helped!!! xx :-)

What happens when light is shone at a prism?

It splits into the colours that make it up, so white light makes a rainbow, and different colours produce different results.