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Submitted for destruction by law enforcement to a company that incinerates them.

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Will cranberry juice clean your urine of illegal drugs?

There is no good evidence to say that it does. Do NOT rely on it. Most drugs -- with the notable exception of marijuana -- leave your system in about 3 to 5 days, anyway.

What is a cannabinoids test for?

That would be a test to see if you are using pot, hash or similar drugs that leave evidence in your blood, urine and hair.

Why did test leave the WWE?

he died and did drugs

What should you do if your boyfriend is addicted to drugs?

Leave him.

How long does it take illegal drugs to leave your system?

Some illegal drugs will never leave your system. This is because they have permanently altered your hair, skin, and organs.

What are some effects that drugs leave permanently?


How do chemotherapy drugs leave the body?

They may leave through liquid loss such as perspiration and urination.

What evidence does a Grey Squirrel leave behind?


Are drugs a cure?

All drugs are not cure. Some drugs may cure and leave some side effects. But others may worsen the ailments.

Why did Ben Carson dad leave when he was 8?

because he was on drugs.

Do you stay with your husband who is on drugs and refuses to get help?

No, leave now

What gun does not leave evidence behind?

Staple guns, grease guns, cap guns, and water pistols. All other firearms leave SOME form of evidence when fired.

Will you pass a drug test Monday if you used drugs on Saturday?

It depends on what drugs you used but probably not - that's not enough time for most drugs to leave your system.

What is lockhart's evidence theory?

Transfer of evidence. Everywhere you go you pick something up and leave something behind.

Has the war on drugs been successful?

The war on drugs has failed and we are wasting money trying to keep something out that will never leave.

What happens when you leave your toothbrush when you leave it on the window sill?

it gets peed on!

Why did chyan leave WWE?

I believe it was drugs, i could be wrong though

What happens to your bones when you die?

you leave it

How does Edmund Locard's Exchange Principle apply to forensic science?

Dr. Locard was the first Forensic Scientist. His theory was that anytime a person comes into contact with anything, they leave silent evidence that they were there. The suspect of a crime will leave evidence that he was there, and like wise, he will take evidence with him.

What happens when you leave scabies untreated?

what happens if you don't get treated for scabies

If you leave lotion on your face overnight what happens?

i usually leave lotion on my face overnight and nothing happens so ur good

Can a convicted felon get a passport on probation?

no Yes, you just cannot use it or leave the country without permission. Most likely, it would be confiscated by your PO until you max out.

What products work best at masking drugs in the blood?

Nothing works. It takes time and not using. Depending on the drug it can take 60-90 days to leave the body. Some drugs never leave the body.

Was Jeanine off of house of payne really on drugs?

NO so leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!

Can you leave the state of Colorado if on parole for drugs?

Not without permission from your parole officer.