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What happens to density as altitude increases?

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The atmosphere becomes thinner

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What happens to atmospheric density as altitude increases?

The density decreases....

What happens in density of this gases as altitude increases?

Density decreases as altitude increases ... because there's less atmosphere above it to push down.

When altitude increases does air density?

No. Air density decreases as altitude increases.

As altitude increases how does density change?

The density of the atmosphere decreases with altitude.

What happens to air density as altitude increases?

-- The density of a closed jar full of air doesn't change, no matter how high you take it. -- The density of the open air in the atmosphere that's all around you decreases steadily as your altitude increases.

What is the relationship of oxygen density to altitude?

As the altitude increases, the density of oxygen decreases.

Is it true that as altitude increases the density of the air increases?

Air density, like air pressure, decreases with increasing altitude

HOw does the density of air change as altitude increases?

The density of air decreases with increasing altitude.

How is density and altitude related?

They are relted because as the altitude increases than the density will alwways decrease.

What happens to air as you climb a mountain?

as the altitude increases density of air decreases.This makes it harder to breath.

Does density decreases as altitude increases?


How does increasing altitude affect air pressure and density?

As the altitude increases, the pressure and the density of the atmosphere decrease.

What happens to your planes altitude if you do a chandelle?

Altitude increases.

What happens to the air pressure when climbing mountains?

as the altitude increases density of air decreases. This makes it harder to breath.

What happens to temperature as altitude increases in the stratosphere?

it increases

What happens to temperature in the thermosphere when altitude increases?

It increases.

What happens as the altitude of the sun increases?

There are many things that could happen as the altitude of the sun increases. As altitude increases the temperature usually does too.

What happens to the density of air as you go further below sea level altitude but in dry land?

Density always increases as altitude decreases. So the air density below sea level will be greater than the air density at sea level.

As altitude decreases does the density of air decrease?

No. it Increases

What happens to the dew- point as altitude increases?

As altitude increases, dew point decreases.

How does alltitude affect the speed of sound?

As altitude increases the density of air decreases. As speed of sound is directly proportional to density, speed of sound decreases as altitude increases.

What happens to density of air as altitude increases?

Answer 1 - Air Density varies with AltitudeIf all other factors remain the same, then air density will decrease as altitude increases. Answer 2 - Another OpinionAs the altitude increase, the density decrease so the air velocity increase so the air pressure decrease and as a result we got a large amount of air mass flow rate

Is density of the air is greater at high altitudes?

No the density of the air decreases as the altitude increases

What happens if the density increases?

If the density increases the volume decreases.

If mass increases and volume stays the same then what happens to density?

the density increases

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