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Your dog will want to go outside, but then get tired and want to come in. after the dog is in he/she will lie on tile because it is cool or it could lie on an a.c. vent to cool off.

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How many days will it take a person to eat 50 hot dogs?

It depends on how many hot dogs a day the person wishes to consume. Example: 1 hot dog per day = 50 days 2 hot dogs per day = 25 days 5 hot dogs per day = 10 days 25 hot dogs per day = 2 days 50 hot dogs per day = 1 day

Why do Dogs pant on a hot day?

Dogs pant on a hot day because they are trying to cool down just like we sweat on a hot day.:)

Your dog ate 125 hot dogs over a five-day period Each day he ate seven more hot dogs than on the previous day How many hot dogs did he eat on the first day?

Eleven hot dogs on the first day. The 18 then 25 then 32 then 39.

Mr Macho your Great Dane ate 125 hot dogs in a five-day period each day he ate seven more hot dogs then the previous day how many hot dogs did he eat on the first day?

Eleven of them.

How many hot dogs do americans eat between memorial day and Labor Day?


Can hot dogs kill you?

Hot dogs are not the healthiest choice, but unless you eat them day after day and eat little else, they probably won't kill you.

Are dogs hot dogs?

Dogs are not hot dogs even though dogs is in the word hot dogs so dogs r not hot dogs

What happens to a balloon on a hot day?

A hot ballon rise in air.

What if your store sells 6 hot dogs per day how many hot dogs would you order for a two week supply?

Well if you sell 6 hot dogs a day you would need to order 6x14=84 hotdogs for a 2 week supplie

What day should you not queue for hot dogs in Finland?


What are the lyrics of the new Sonic hot dog commercial?

Hot dogs are hotHot dogs are gayHot dogs are yummyHot dogs are dogsHot dogs are sold at sonicMustard on hot dogs are groseHot dogs dont talkHot dogs go in bunsOMG! They go with chips very goodHot dogs can be longHot dogs can be smalledThey're called weenies (:Hot dogs are Ballpark food......................................................................... .........................................................................................The end..

What happens if you eat spoiled beef hot dogs?

You'll get very sick.

Mr Macho my great dane ate 125 hot dogs over a 5 day period. Each day he ate 7 more hot dogs than he did on the previous day. How many hot dogs did he eat on the first day?

11 of them because over 5 days: 11+18+25+32+39 = 125

What food is eaten on Independence Day?

Burgers, and hot dogs mostly

How can the every-day person recycle?

by eating hot dogs

Are beef hot dogs kosher?

Some are, and some are not. Kosher beef hot dogs are kosher, whereas non-kosher beef hot dogs are not kosher. The same principle holds for lamb hot dogs, bison hot dogs, venison hot dogs, turkey hot dogs, and chicken hot dogs. However, it is in marked contrast to pork hot dogs, of which there are no kosher ones.

How many hot dogs can someone eat in one day?

On the 4th of July a CA man won the hot dog eating contest by Nathan's hot dog by eating 59.5 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

How much is 3 lbs of hot dogs?

Anywhere from 12 hot dogs to 30 hot dogs. It is exactly 48 ounces of hot dogs.

What day are most hot dogs sold?

The most hotdogs are sold on Saturday.

How many hot dogs are eaten in typical day in the US?

50 Million

What are the safety guidlines for hot dogs?

Dont play around with weiners with hot dogs or with out hot dogs

What do the telephone wire look like on a hot day?

what happens to telephone wires on hot days

What happens when dogs eat hot dogs?

Nothing much.But give your dog a little peice the size of your thumb or smaller. Give a dog with diariea or puke once a week or day. (My bichon's get that ALOT because of crusty or soft chicken.)

Where does the US get their grapes from?

from hot dogs from hot dogs

What is beef hot dogs?

hot dogs with beef.