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Generally the assets of a decedent, such as his property, estate or trust are liable for his debts before the assets are distributed to heirs. Death does not extinguish a debtor's obligations.

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Q: What happens to liens and judgments when the debtor dies?
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What happens to savings when a person dies?

Depends on if they have a will or not. Also if they have any outstanding liens or judgments against them. You need to check with the laws in your state as far as claiming a relatives monies. You may have to post an ad in the paper making claim to the cash so you put others on notice, etc. Check it out.

Does judgment end when creditor dies?

A judgment does not go away when a creditor or a debtor dies. In the event it is a person who has obtained the judgment, his or her estate or assigns would be able to continue to collect against any monies owed. Judgments do expire, but times for this vary from state to state.

Who is responsible 3 year old repo debt when debtor dies?

The estate of the debtor is responsible. If there are not enough assets in the estate, it goes unpaid.

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What to do if there is a lease agrement and the owner dies and there is no will and liens on the property?

If the liens predate the lease then the property will likely be sold to satisfy the creditors.If the liens predate the lease then the property will likely be sold to satisfy the creditors.If the liens predate the lease then the property will likely be sold to satisfy the creditors.If the liens predate the lease then the property will likely be sold to satisfy the creditors.

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No, not unless you are a joint debtor/account holder.

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What happens to your lien against a debtor who does not own the property but has life use?

Unfortunately for a creditor, a life use of real property is not an attachable interest as would be a fee interest in the same property. When the debtor dies the life interest is extinguished. The creditor should try to find out if the debtor has other personal property that could be seized to satisfy the judgment. You should inquire at the court that issued the lien about scheduling a hearing to establish what assets the debtor might own. Perhaps their car could be taken by the sheriff and sold.

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