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The particles are affecting the form of a chemical substance and not turning into a new substance.

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What happens to the particles of matter during a phase change?

The particles change mean speed and concentration.

Explain what happens to matter during a physical change?

when a substance undergoes a physical change,its identity stays the same.

What happens to matter during a physical change?

in a physical change, matter does NOT change its idenity, on shape, size, ect. that include being a maleabilty

What happens during a physical change?

A physical change is characterized by changing of state due to dissolving, boiling, or freezing. After the change, the same substance remains. It involves a change in physical properties.

What happens to energy during a change of state Why is it physical change?

Its released or adsorbed. Its "physical" because no new substance(s) is produced.

What happens to particles of matter during a chemical change?

The reactants are transformed in products of the chemical reaction - if you understand molecules by particles of matter.

What characteristic best describes what happens during a physical changes?

In terms of the chemical composition of matter, nothing happens. A physical change is simply a change in the appearance or state of matter.

What is one change of state and what happens when it occurs?

during a kinetic energy change of state the particles jump around a bunch during the change then at the end they eventually settle down

What is the meaning of physical reaction?

A physical reaction is a change that happens physically. While the form of something changes during this process, it does not change into something else.

What happens to movement of particles during vaporization?

The movement of particles is accelerated.

Mass does not change during a chemical change how about for a physical change?

mass does not occur during a physical change or a chemical

What happens to rocks and minerals during physical weathering?

What happens to rocks and minerals during physical weathering?

How is mass conserved during a chemical change?

During a chemical change, the form or the composition of the matter changes. The particles within the matter rearrange to form new substances, but they are not destroyed and new particles are not created. The number and type of particles remain the same. As a result, the total mass of the matter is the same before and after a physical or chemical change.

What happens to the characteristics of a substance during a physical change?

The change in characteristics is entirely dependent on how you have physically changed it. However most physical changes effect shape and size.

What happens to the composition of matter during a physical change?

It can change from a gas to a solid to a liquid, or from a liquid to a solid to a gas. This change does not affect the composition of the matter.

What happens during physical weathering?

During physical (mechanical) weathering, processes such as abrasion and tumbling of rock cause them to fracture into smaller pieces without any change in their chemistry.

How does temperature change during change of physical state?

Temperature remains constant during the change in phase (physical state).

Do substance like molecules change during a physical change?

No the substances like molecules donot chane during physical change .

Can new compounds form during a physical change?

no because in a physical change it does not change the chemical make up, however, it does during a chemical change

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