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the denseness of the molecules change(compact=solid, really far=gas, in the middle=liquid)

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What happens to a sample of matter when it undergoes a chemical change?

The reactants are transformed in products, substances with another type of molecules and properties.

What happens to the molecules in the phase change evaporation?

the state of matter changes from liquid to gas, so the molecules spread out.

What happens to particles of matter during a chemical change?

The reactants are transformed in products of the chemical reaction - if you understand molecules by particles of matter.

What happens when molecules cool down?

Well it'll slows down and maybe change state of matter

What happens to molecules when a substance changes phases?

Matter exists as solids, liquids and gases. When a substance change phases, the molecules will change size coupled with the increase or decrease of heat energy.

What happens to atoms and molecules when matter is cooled?

Nothing happens to the atoms within the molecules,but the molecules move around slower.

What happens when a substance changes state from a solid or liquid?

This change in the state of matter (liquid to solid) is called freezing.This change in the state of matter (solid to liquid) is called melting.They are physical change, the chemical nature of the molecules is not changed.

What happens to matter when it is heated or cooled?

It changes the vibrations of the molecules.

What happens when matter is cooled?

One thing that happens is that the molecules in the matter lose energy and momentum and slow down, therefore the matter becomes more compact.

What happens to matter in water when it freezes?

When water freezes, the matter condenses and the molecules move slower.

What is chemical change of matter?

The chemical change of matter is what happens when you have something changed chemically

During a physical change of a substance what happens to the molicules and atoms?

nothing happens or in other words, nothing happens to the molecules. the only change, is in the way they move closer and furthuer from each other. pretty much it make change in look slightly but it is still in the same substance. it may change its state of matter

In physical change can matter change its shape?

If by matter you mean molecules / atoms then no. Physical change is when the look / shape of something is changed but not its chemical structure, chemical change is when the molecules that make up the object n question are changed.

What happens to all matter when heat?

the atoms use the energy to move the molecules

A change of matter from one form to another without a change in chemical properties?

A change of matter from one form to another without a change in chemical properties is a physical change.

What is the change from one state of matter to another?

Technically speaking, the switch of state of matter is the rearrangement of its molecules. Solids have tightly packed molecules that are close together. Liquids are relatively farther apart and take the shape of its container. Gases' molecules are the farthest expanding and they keep separating until they expand completely.

How do you change one state of matter to another?

You change one state of matter to another by heating the matter or cooling it [aka] adding energy or removing the energy

A change in matter which does not change the individual molecules?

Thys is a physical change: melting, boiling, sublimation, griding, etc.

What gives molecules different properties?

heat, heat can change the state of matter therefore speeding up molecules.

Achange in matter from one form to another without a change in its chemical properties is called a?

A change of matter from one form to another without a change in chemical properties is a physical change.

What happens to matter during a physical change?

in a physical change, matter does NOT change its idenity, on shape, size, ect. that include being a maleabilty

True or false when matter changes state the atoms change?

False.Atoms themselves only change during nuclear decay, fusion or fission. Outer electrons can be shared, donated or received during bonding but the atom doesn't change in and of itself.When matter changes state the bonds themselves are not affected. All that happens in a change of state is that molecules gain more kinetic energy. The bonds within the molecules are not altered.

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