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The bonds in between the particles become weakly bonded.

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What happens to particles in a substance when its heated or cooled?

Particles move faster when heated. When cold, they move slower.

What happends to particles in a substance when it is heated or cooled?

An increase in the temperature of a substance is an increase in the average energy of the particles. They move faster.

What happens to particles when materials are heated or cooled?

ummm it will definetely expand....if the materials you"re talking about is the term for science.

What happens to particles in a solid when they are heated or cooled?

if they are heated then they turn to a liquid, if that are a soled well they are hard like ice

Particles vibrate faster when they are cooled?

Particles vibrate faster when they are heated.

What happens to the particles of a substance when it is heated?

As temperature increases, particle motion increases proportionally.

Do particles get smaller or bigger when heated?

When particles are heated or cooled, they do not change size at all. They simply move with greater kinetic energy so the space between particles increases. This prompts the changes in size we see when substances are heated or cooled.

As a substance is heated its particles do what?

When a substance is heated, its particles start moving fast and their rate of collision also increases. The process leads to the substance expanding.

How does the energy and motion of particles change as a substance is heated?

As a substance is heated, the particles that comprise the substance vibrate more and more violently and the energy that this motion represents increases.

Why does a balloon shrink when cooled?

because the particles of the compound, called atoms, vibrate more when heated and then when cooled the

What happens to metal are heated and cooled?

Metal that is heated will expand(meaning to become larger), and metal contracts(shrinks) when it is cooled. I think that it is because when it is heated, the molecules spread apart(sort of like when you heat water), and the opposite happens when it is cooled.

When matter is heated or cooled what about its changes?

its a movement of small particles of matter

What happens when particles are cooled?

No matter whether there is limited energy, particles are still moving. When they are heated, they move very fast and rapidly. When they are cooled, they tend to slow down and move slower. That is because heat is energy adn when something is cooled, they lose their heat, basically, they lose their energy and particles move slow.

Why does a substance expand when heated?

the substance expands when heated because the particles that make up the substance is trying to get out and escape the heat.

What happens to kinetic energy when it is heated?

the particles start to move faster and have more kinetic energy and when it is cooled it moves slower with less energy

Why does a gass expand when heated and contract when cooled?

When a gas is heated up, the particles within the gas start to move faster, going farther apart (expansion). When a gas is cooled, the particles slow down and it starts to condense (contract), and if cooled enough, into a liquid.

How does temperature affect volume density viscosity and buoyancy?

volume: when you heat it, the particles will spread out, making the substance expand Density: same as above plus the particles are more spread out when heated, making the substance less dense, and when cooled the substance is more dense because the particles are closer together viscosity: same as above

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