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Two greatly important Biochemical Events, first Differentiation, and then Determination. [Short Answer]!

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Q: What happens to the Cells in an embryo as the embryo develops?
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What develops into a trophoblast?

Certain cells of a fertilized embryo.

What happens to the parts of an embryo as it develops into a seedling?

When embryo develops in to seedling, the plumule and radicle develop in to shoot and root respectively and the cotyledon withers away.

What happens to the embryo once stem cells are removed?

the embryo dies

What happens to the embryo after stem cells have been removed?

the embryo is killed

What develops from an embryo?

In plants embryo develops in new seedling and in animals it develops into feotus which later develops into baby

In amphibians what develops into a backbone?

In embryos of amphibians the notochord develops into the backbone. The notochord is comprised of cells and defines the primitive axis of the embryo.

What happens when a sperm meets an egg?

The sperm fertilizes the egg and that egg develops into an embryo. The embryo then develops in a developing baby in which it will stay in the mothers womb (uterus) for approximately nine months.

What happens before birth?

before birth the zygote develops first into an embryo and the into a fetus

How do the cells in a blastocyst as it becomes an embryo?

A blastocyst is a distinctive stage of a mamalian embryo. It is a form of Blastula that develops from a berry like cluster of cells, the morula. It continues to form and grow from there.

What normally happens after fertilization in sexual reproduction?

After fertilization in sexual reproduction the zygote is formed. The zygote later on develops in to an embryo by embryo-genesis.

Where the chicken embryo develops?

Chicken embryo develops inside chicken egg . actually embryo develops form germinal spot at top of yolk and utilizes yoke as food .

In mammals where does the embryo develops?

In mammals, the embryo develops with in the specialised part of the oviduct .

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