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The acceleration of an object depends on the mass of the object and the force being applied on it. The equation that relates these two variables is:

F = ma

which is basically Newton's Second Law of Motion.

If the force on a given object triples, its acceleration will then become (3F/m). It is then evident that the acceleration increases by a factor of three, so to answer your original question:


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If you increase the force on an object what happens to the acceleration?

If you increase the force on an object acceleration increases . As F = m*a, where F = Force , m = mass of the object & a = acceleration

If the mass of an object is doubled what happens to the acceleration of that object?

If the mass of an object doubles while the force remains constant, the acceleration of that object will be halved. force=mass*acceleration; therefore acceleration=force/mass

What happens to the acceleration if the force applied is increased three times?

Assuming the mass remains constant, the acceleration will be tripled as well.

Plot the graph of force vs acceleration?

Acceleration is directly proportional to applied force.  When acceleration increases, force also increases.  If the force is tripled, the acceleration will also be tripled.  Note that the mass must remain constant...

What happens to an objects acceleration when the force applied to the object?

Without force applied to it, an object can't have any acceleration.

What would the acceleration of the object be if the force was tripled while keeping the mass the same?

The acceleration would also be trippled when the force is tippled. the relevant equation is: F=ma, where F= force m=mass a=acceleration

What happens to acceleration if you double the force being applied?

Acceleration is directly proportional to force. Double the force on an object, and you double its acceleration.

What happens to the acceleration of an object if the force increases?

Consider that Force = Mass x Acceleration. In order for the Force to increase you need to increase the Acceleration of the object, if the Mass stays the same.

What happens to the acceleration of an object when you increase the force applied to it?

When the force increases the acceleration increases, Newton's Laws of motion.

If the mass of an object is tripled how would the acceleration change?

It would depend on what force is driving the acceleration. If that force is gravity, then acceleration is constant irrespective of variations in mass. All else being equal and presuming the acceleration is by the same exerted force on both the larger and smaller object, the larger object would experience 1/3 the acceleration. (The formula for determining the force is F = ma , the mass times the acceleration. For the same F, and m2 is 3m, then a2 must equal a/3. )

What affects the acceleration of an object?

An object's acceleration is the result of a force being applied to it. When that happens, the magnitude of the resulting acceleration is equal to the force divided by the object's mass, and the direction of the acceleration is in the direction of the force.

What happens to the acceleration of the object when force applied reduced to one third?

F = M A Acceleration is directly proportional to force. When force applied to an object is reduced to one third, the object's acceleration is reduced to one third.

Why does force happen?

Force happens when an object of mass is accelerated, and the equation to calculate force is : force=mass/acceleration

What happens to the acceleration of the rocket if the net force on it cuts in half?

The acceleration of any object is proportional to the net force acting on it. If the net force drops by 50%, then so does the acceleration.

How are force and acceleration the same?

Force and acceleration are NOT the same. If you apply a net force to an object, it causes the object to accelerate. The amount of acceleration depends on the force and the mass of the object. Force = mass x acceleration.

What happens when a constant net force acts on an object?

The object exhibits constant acceleration in the same direction as the net force.

What happens to a object when a unbalanced force acts upon it?

When unbalanced forces act upon an object, that object will experience acceleration of some kind. Remember, force equals mass times acceleration.

When a force on an object increases how does the object acceleration change?

Acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the force on the object. When force increases, acceleration increases. I'll bet you knew that.

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