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When you pour in the hot water, it takes up all of the space inside the bottle (since it is a fluid). When you pour out the hot water and quickly put on the cap the air pressure inside the bottle is less than the air pressure outside causing the bottle to implode on itself. I'm not really sure about pouring cold water on after, maybe someone knows the answer to that part. But if you try doing it you can probably figure out what the answer is!


When you pour the hot water in, and then out of the bottle the air that rushes in to replace the water is warmed by the water, and the warmed sides of the bottle, causing it to expand and some air leaves the bottle. When you then cap the bottle and let it cool to room temperature the air inside contracts, but because the cap is on no air can get back in to even things out. This causes the pressure inside the bottle to drop. Because the outside air pressure is higher than that inside the bottle, the bottle will chrush in, if it is plastic, until the bottle is small enough that the two pressures are equal. Pouring cold water on the bottle just amplifies the contraction of the air inside the bottle causing an even more pronounced effect. Note that this can be hazardous if you use glass, because the glass will not bend or crush but appear normal until the pressure difference gets to high and the glass simply implodes all at once.

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What happens if you put an empty water bottle in the refrigerator?

It will get cold.

What happens when you put a hot plastic bottle in cold water?

it moist inside the plastic

How do crush a bottle with ice and cold water?

As the water inside the bottle cools it uses less air pressure than the cool air outside. The results are crushing.

Is hot water pressure and cold water pressure equal in pressure?

Pressure is the same whether hot or cold.

What is the fastest way to melt ice in a water bottle?

submerge the bottle in cold water.

Why does a cold bottle of water freeze when it is hit sharply against a counter?

The water is right at freezing, and when the bottle is hit, it increases then decreases the pressure rapidly, which results in a drop in temperture, which starts the freezing process.

What happens in cold and warm air masses?

what happens in cold and warm masses pressure

Why is your hot water pressure low but your cold water pressure is fine?

Because hot water and cold water have different circuits.

Why as you drink an ice cold beverage on a warm day the outside of the bottle becomes wet?

There is water vapour in the air at all times. On a warm day, the water vapour in the air condenses as it touches the cold bottle. Condensation is the process of a gas turning into a liquid. It happens when the temperature of the substance reduces below a certain point. The temperature change from the warm air to the cold surface of the bottle causes the water vapour to condense to water.

What happens when you put an empty water bottle in the freezer?

Rather, nothing will happen to the empty water bubble but just making the plastic cold. Actually, it isn't the plastic bottle that is affected, it's only the water that is being affected (if there is any).

What happens with air pressure when the air is cold?

The air pressure is high when the air is cold, and it's sinking.

When a bottle is cold why does the outside get wet after you leave it for a while?

This is due to condensation. The cold surface of the bottle condenses the water vapor in the air (humidity) into liquid water.

Why does a bottle of cold water sweats when is outside?

:) the bottle does not sweat. Actually due to its coldness the water vapours in the atmosphere condenses and deposits on the bottle.

What happens if coke tin is filled with water and heated on hot plate then placed in cold water?

it'll get crushed due to air pressure

How much water do hamsters need?

a bottle full of cold water

Can hot water be used safely in a cold water bottle?


What happens when you pour cold water into hot water?

the water gets cold

Why is there water on the outside of a cold water bottle?

The difference in temperature from the cold water bottle and the slightly or drastically warmer air causes the humidity from the out side air to condense on the outside of the cooler surface

Why does wrapping a bottle with a wet cloth produce a cooler bottle than placing the bottle in cold water?

It depends on the variables of temperature and humidity. Water evaporates from the wet cloth. Water needs energy (heat) to go from liquid to gas and the water gets that energy from it's immediate surroundings - in this case the cloth and the bottle - so the bottle cools. Only if the air is relatively cold and dry, of course. If it's raining, you won't get much cooling from evaporation. If the bottle is just placed in cold water it is not being cooled due to evaporation and only gets as cold as the water. If the water is flowing and cold, it may readily cool the bottle faster and colder than the wet cloth. If it's just a small bucket of water, it may not cool the bottle much.

Why does a bottle of bubble water foam more upon opening when it's at room temp?

Bubble Water (Carbonated Water) contains Carbon Dioxide gas dissolved in it. The colder the water, the more carbon dioxide the water can hold OR ... The gas, carbon dioxide is more Soluble in cold water than in warm water. When you open the bottle, you release the pressure inside of it, and the gas escapes, causing the bubbles. If the liquid in the bottle is warmer, there is more gas trying to escape, thus you get more bubbles from a warm bottle than a cold one.

What happens when sugar is added to cold water?

the sugar will sink to the bottom but if constant heat and pressure are occurring the sugar will dissolve and the water eventually evaporates.

What happens when air pressure is cooled?

it gets cold

What happened to the bubble when you placed the bottle in cold water?

the air condenses and pulls the bottle in on itself

Which provide more vapor in a bottle hot water or cold water?


What kind of water bottle keeps your water cold the longest?

Stainless Steal