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If the respiratory system stops working, the body dies.

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you stop breathing then you suffocate

If one body system stops working the whole body will be affected. For example, if the circulatory system stops working the respiratory system will fail because it depends on the circulatory system.

You will die. Your respiratory system helps you breathe. If you do not have oxygen for about over a few minutes most people will die. Hope I could help. I am doing a whole big project on the respiratory system

If our digestive system stops working we will eventually die...... yeahh...

Oxygen is essential for any living beings survival and the respiratory system is the one that supplies the body with oxygen. If your respiratory system stops working now, you would die within die

If the skeletal system stops working, then much of function which relies on structure will cease as well. The skeletal system is the primary means to support the integument system which in itself relies directly on the skeletal system for sustenance. This only involves the gross anatomy aspect of the skeletal system.

You will 90% die from having toxic and moldy ground up food in your digestive system.

The heart doesnt get any fuel, so it stops beating, therefore stopping the circulatory system. THis happens over a long time, from like 6 to 30 minutes or so. Hope this helps. :)

The pancreas stops working altogether.

Your pituitary gland stops working

If that happens, the body will starve to death.

If your nervous system stopped working, you would never be nervous again.

What happens when a transmission control solenoid not working

When the pancreas stops working there is little or insufficient insulin produced. This regulates the blood sugar level in the system and if decreased may lead to diabetes.

The epiglottis a flap of skin that stops food from entering your windpipe.

If your liver stops working, your blood is unable to be filtered. It's toxicity levels will rise, and you are likely going to die.

IDK but I think that u die

Yes, it stops the respiratory system from letting out any germs

The pistons stop going up and down.

The circuit stops working because of the short circuit

The current stops flowing, and the light or other device stops working.