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Q: What happens to the data stored on a floppy disk if you reformat it?
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Can data be stored on both sides of a floppy disk?

data is stored on both sides of a floppy disk

How do you differentiate a floppy drive data and IDE type data?

Not possible, the same data can be stored both on floppy and HDD.

Can data be stored and received on a floppy disk?

Data can be stored on a floppy disk, since that is what they are designed for. As for whether it can be "received" on one, that is a pretty vague question, as it doesn't address HOW the data is received.

Where data can be stored?

Data can be stored on floppy disk, hard disk, memory stick, CD or DVD.

What happens to data if floppy disk is reformatted?

All the data in the floppy disk will be deleted permanently.

How many bytes of data can be stored in 1.44 MB floppy?

1.44MB floppy disk contains 1,474,560 bytes

What does a floppy disk do?

It can store computer data. The amount of data stored will depend on the size of the floppy disk and whether it is a high density or low density disk.

Why can the data in a floppy disc not stored permanently?

Floppy disks are out dated, and are no longer used as much. Also, they can decay and static electricity can affect them.

What kind of storage is a floppy disk?

Floppy disk is a magnetic storage disk, where in data was stored in records, derived from the tracks and sector formations.

How do you get rid of an polymorphic virus?

reformat the hard drive and reload the operating system. then restore from a backup date previous to the date of infection. all data stored between the backup date and the reformat date will be lost.

What happens when a floppy disk is formatted?

the same thing that happens when you format anything. all data is deleted

Information on a floppy disk is stored as what?

It is stored as magnetic impulses, similar to how a tape recorder records, except that the data is digital rather than analog.