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What happens to the human body during exercise?

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It depends on what type of exercise the person is doing. There are low and High intensity aerobics, non-aerobic weight lifting. Think of your body as a car. To go faster you burn more fuel (glucose), you need higher air intake through the carburator(lungs), you need coolant to maintain safe operating temperature (blood stream), you need a faster working fluid pump (heart). The diffenence between weight lifting and low intense aerobics is that they are slower and thus can burn more slow processed fats. Glucose(sugar) is a faster processed fuel for high intense activity, and that is why you need to carb load for them.

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What happens to your body when you don't sweat during an exercise?

You will be fat.

What career studies the function of the human body during exercise?

kenesiology (human kinetics)

What happens to the body if the temperature remains the same during exercise?


What is the first thing that happens to the body during exercise?

Heart rate increases.

What happens to body temperature after exercise?

body temperature increases after exercise

The human body depends on what to cool itself?

The human body depends on perspiration to cool itself down. Perspiration occurs during vigorous exercise or during high intensity activities.

What happens to the body after exercise?

nothing happens...LOL!

What is the best exercise for the human body?

Walking is the best exercise!

How does the body cool during exercise?

as you exercise, your body releases sweats and these cool your body

What happens to your body after exercise?


What happens when cells in the human body do not have sufficient oxygen during respiration?

u die

What happens to the digestive system during exercise?

Exercise has the potential of impacting all of our body systems including the digestive system. Exercising can increase the efficiency of the digestive system.

Physiology of exercise?

Exercise physiology is the study of the function of the human body during various acute and chronic exercise conditions. These effects are significant during both short, high intensity exercise as well as with prolonged strenuous exercise such as done in endurance sports like marathons, ultamarathons, and road bicycle racing.

What are 3 ways the human body uses biofeedback to bring the body back into homeostatic balance during exercise?

1 The human body produces sweat 2. The human bodies heart beats faster 3. deeper breathes are taken to prevent lightheadedness

What happens to blood flow during exercise?

well, during exercise, the heart begins to pump the blood would obviously course through your vains faster?during excersize your veins enlargen and more blood is pumped throughout your body.

What happens to the heart after exercise?

During exercise the heart beats faster so it can carry blood around the body quicker and after exercise the heart starts pumping slower and eventually returns back to your resting pulse rate.

How does lack of exercise affect several main body systems?

When you fail to exercise your body has to make do with what it has already. When this happens, your body has to take from other parts of your body to ensure homeostasis.

How does your body adjust to breathing during exercise?

Your body adjusts to breathing during exercise by increasing breathing in order to provide oxygen to fuel muscles. The more you exercise, the faster you breathe in most cases.

What happens in the human body when there is not enough oxygen during exercise?

oxygen debt. more oxygen is needed than what is being supplied. the body then begins anaerobic respiration (the cells "breathe" for you). a result of anaerobic respiration is lactic acid. lactic acid is that soreness feeling you get after a hard workout

What happens to your body when you dont exercise?

When you don't exercise your body loses muscle tone. When muscles are not used for long periods of time, they are lost.

What chemical does the body generate during regular exercise?

It is important to exercise in order to remain healthy. When a person does exercise their body produces the chemicals called endorphins.

What happens inside the human body when it gets a shock?

If we got an electric shock inside our human body our body will be

What happens during hemorrhage?

Hemorrhage is essentially the loss of blood, very quickly. This can happen inside or outside of the human body and most of the time it happens quick.

What happens DURING exercise?

During exercise, you breathe in a little amount of oxygen, and give out lots of carbon dioxide. This is why afterwards, you are left breathless. Also during exercise, your dominant muscle/s in that exercise do not have the power to keep going. Your heart tries its best to pump as quick as it can (pulse rate increases) to get all the blood round your body to do its job (circulation rate).

What happens to pulse rate during exercise?

During exercise, your muscles require more oxygen and they need to get rid of the built up lactic acid. Your heart rate, measured by your pulse, increases to push more blood volume through your body.