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you sweat to stay cool. The heat of the sun is used to turn your sweat to water vapor, rather than to heat up your body.

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What is December weather like in Paris?

temperature 5degree celcius 41 degree Fahrenheit low temprature 3 degree celcius 37 degree fahrenheit

What kind of activity could you do in 15 degree Fahrenheit weather?


Can sheep thrive in fifty to sixty degree weather?

Perfect conditions. That's Fahrenheit, not Celsius.

What is the difference of degree Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit degree?

No difference.

Minus 40 degree celsius equals how many degrees Fahrenheit?

minus 40 degree celsius is equal to minus 40 degree fahrenheit, -39 degree Celsius = -38.2 degree Fahrenheit -40 degree Celsius = -40 degree Fahrenheit -41 degree Celsius = -41.8 degree Fahrenheit the degree celsius and degree fahrenheit coincides here correctly..!

Can you ski in 35 degree Fahrenheit weather?

Yes. In fact, I have skied in 55 degree Fahrenheit weather. The air temperature doesn't affect whether or not you can ski, only the snow temperature. If you have a lot of temperature differentiation between day and night, sometimes the snow will stay on the hill multiple days when its over 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are celsius scale degree larger than Fahrenheit degree?

Yes. 1 celsius degree = 1.8 Fahrenheit degree 1 Fahrenheit degree = 5/9 celsius degree

What degree Celsius is 51 Fahrenheit?

51 degree Fahrenheit = 10.5555556 degree Celsius.

What is 210 degree Celsius in Fahrenheit?

210 degree Celsius = 410 degree Fahrenheit.

180 degree celsius equals what degree Fahrenheit?

320 degree Fahrenheit

What Fahrenheit degree is minus 24 degree Celsius?

-24 degree Celsius = -11.2 degree Fahrenheit

What is a Celsius degree in comparison to a Fahrenheit degree?

A Celcius degree is 1.8 times as large as a Fahrenheit degree.

What happens when you saty in a car in ninety degree weather?

You sweat a lot.

What is 54Rankin in Fahrenheit?

54 degree Rankine = -405.67 degree Fahrenheit.

What degree Fahrenheit is 9 degrees celsius?

48.2 degree Fahrenheit

What is 38.1c in Fahrenheit?

38.1 degree Celsius = 100.58 degree Fahrenheit.

What is the weather in Sydney like in February what is the degree in Fahrenheit?

usualy sunny and beween 70 and 100 degrees F

What degree celsius is 33 degrees Fahrenheit?

33 degree Fahrenheit = 0.5555556 degree Celsius

How much Celsius in 190 degree Fahrenheit?

190 degree Fahrenheit = 87.7777778 degree Celsius.

What is minus 13 degree celcious in Fahrenheit?

-13 degree Celsius = 8.6 degree Fahrenheit.

What degree celsius is 41 degrees Fahrenheit?

41 degree Fahrenheit = 5 degree Celsius.

1 degree Fahrenheit to degree celsius?

1 degree Fahrenheit = -17.2 degrees Celsius.

What does 425 degree Fahrenheit equal to in Celsius?

425 degree Fahrenheit = 218.3333333 degree Celsius

Is 18 degree Fahrenheit a decrease from 45 degree Fahrenheit?

yes a 23 degree difference.

How many degree Fahrenheit is170 C?

170 degree Celsius = 338 degree Fahrenheit