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The kinetic energy will increase as the temperature is increased.

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Its molecular kinetic energy increases. Its molecular kinetic energy increases.

Increasing temperature means increased kinetic energy on the atomic or molecular level. Temperature of a given substance is the average kinetic energy of the particles of which that substance is composed.

When the temperature is increased the kinetic energy increases, and when it is decreased the kinetic energy decreases.

Molecular motion / kinetic energy.

Kinetic energy is a function of temperature. When temperature is increased, so is kinetic energy. When temperature is decreased, kinetic energy follows suit.

In an adiabatic process, the temperature is increased when it is compressed. There is an increase in internal kinetic energy, and because temperature is related to kinetic energy, it is also increased.

When temperature decreases, the kinetic energy is decreased.

The Kinetic Molecular theory is used to describe the behavior of gas. It gives the relationship between pressure, temperature and kinetic energy.

As temperature of a solid is increased, molecular motion increases.Since, temperature of a solid is directly proportional to average vibrational kinetic energy of molecules of a solid, therefore, energy of a solid increases with an increase in temperature. So, it demonstrates that molecular motion is directly proportional to energy i.e. the higher the energy of solid, the higher is the molecular motion.

Kinetic molecular theory states that the increase in temperature increases a particles average kinetic energy. This is because when a particle is heated, it becomes exited and moves quicker

The average kinetic energy of atomic and molecular particles is measured as temperature.

Increased in temperature leads to an increase in the kinetic energy of the particles.

Temperature is a measure of the average molecular kinetic energy of a substance. They are one and the same.

It is being increased, because temperature is the average kinetic energy of the object.

When the energy is molecular, atomic, or ionic, it is known as temperature. It is kinetic because the temperature is the mean kinetic energy of these particles. This, by definition, is the thermal energy.

When a liquid gains heat, the molecules move faster (increased kinetic energy), and the temperature of the liquid rises.

increased as the temperature in increasedincreased as the temprature in increased

The energy transferred is heat. On a molecular level it is kinetic energy, but what we observe on a macroscopic level is temperature.

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