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In a solid, the particles start to vibrate a lot.

In a liquid, the particles begin to move around faster and faster.

In a gas, the particles move extremely fast through the air.

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Temperature measures the average motion of particles in a substance. In a hot substance, the particles are moving faster.

This varies depending on the substance What happens to the particles in substance B if they change state to substance

As a substance heats up, the particles become more active.

The particles are affecting the form of a chemical substance and not turning into a new substance.

The particles in the substance slowly separate and when the substance is a gas the particles are free, and are buzzing all over the place

it is when particles react to the substance in which it has been placed with

The bonds in between the particles become weakly bonded.

When a substance changes from a liquid to a gas, the kinetic energy of its particles increases.

The particles move more quickly and begin to move from place to place

Particles move faster when heated. When cold, they move slower.

By heating, you are adding energy. The particles will vibrate(move) faster.

A substance gains thermal energy as the temperature of the substance increases, because the particles of the substance vibrate more as this happens.

The movement of particles is first accelerated and then decelerated.

The hot and cold water particles hit each other and the hot particles transfer energy to the cold particles and end up at the same temperature.

The more energy a substance has the faster its particles in solution will move.

At higher temperatures, the particles move around faster.

When particles are condensing in a substance, they combine into fewer, larger particles. These larger particles become the liquid's mass at its condensation or boiling temperature.

Cooling is the release of internal kinetic energy of the particles of a substance, so the particles slow.

the particles in the substance slow down, and the heat energy is cooled.

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