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For example, when water is frozen, the particles in it freeze close together. Thus, forming ice. When the particles in a liquid are thawed out, the particles spread out.

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What happens when an object freezes?

the particles in the liquid move so slowly that they begin to take on their fixed positions

What happens to molecules in liquid when the liquid freezes?

When a liquid freezes, the molecules bond to their neighboring molecules, to form a solid mass of attached molecules.

What happens to a liquids particles when it freezes?

If I am not wrong..this is what I learnt in chemistry. When a liquid is being frozen, the particles of that liquid will lose kinetic energy and slow down, causing them to move closer together. Thus, as the gaps between the particles decrease and the particles themselves get into a fixed position, it becomes a solid & the particles [only] vibrate in their fixed position. =D

As water freezes what happens to the water particles?

As water freezes, the water particles begin to move more slowly. If water starts to melt or boil, the particles begin to move more quickly.

What happens when water freezes and changes from a liquid to a solid?

The temperature of the water becomes lower causing the atomic particles that makes up the water coheirs or come closer ,so the liquid becomes solid

How the arrangement and motion of the particle change when a solid melts a liquid boils a gas condensesa liquid freezes?

When a solid melts to become liquid, or a liquid boils to become a gas, the arrangement of particles gets farther apart and less structured, and the motion of the molecules becomes more random and they move faster. The opposite happens when a gas condenses to become a liquid, or when a liquid freezes to become a solid.

What happens to the particles of a liquid?

it depends on wether you are freezing the liquid, or melting the liquid.

What happens to the particles of matter when a liquid changes to a gas-?

The particles are no longer fixed by the forces keeping it a liquid

What happens when a liquid freezes?

It turns into a solid because of the loss of kinetic energy. The particles of the substance slow way down and barely move, other than vibrating in place.

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