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it stays the same or increases with the prey
the prey will run out of food making it's population decrease. that will cause the predator's population to go down because of the lack of food

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What is the term for a relationship between prey and predator?

predator kills and eats prey for its survival. When the predator population increases, the prey population decreases because of too many hunters. When the prey population decreases, the predator population decreases because of the lack of food. Then, the prey population increases because there aren't that many predators and the process repeats itself.

What happens to the prey population if the predator population increases?

The "prey population" would decrease. This is because the prey are all being killed and don't reproduce enough to compensate: when the prey population gets low the predator population will too because they will have no prey to eat. When there are less predators, the prey can reproduce and so on. This is a cycle.

Predator and prey relationships?

In predator-prey relationships, the number of prey is always MORE than the number of predators. The changes in the relationship can be illustrated in the following ways; 1. Prey population increases More food will be available for the predator. 2. Predator grows well and reaches reproduction age 3. Predator population increases 4. More predators preyed on the preys 5. Prey population decreases 6. Less food for the predators 7. Predators die of starvation and do not reach reproduction age. 8. Prey population increases (goes back to one)

What happens to predator population when the prey population increases?

Simply put, the predator population tends to increase, too. Eventually, there is a scarcity of prey, and then the predator population drops because many of them starve. Then the prey population recovers. It's known as "nature balancing herself", and it's been going on for millions of years and yet it is pretty successfully.

What happens to the number of prey as the number of predator decreases?

The numbers of prey will normally increase.

What is most likely to cause increases in a predator population?

All the prey being eaten.

What is predator and prey relationships?

Predator < Prey

What are predator and prey relationships?

Example: Lion = Predator Gazelle = Prey The predator seeks after the prey.

Is the sloth bear a predator or a prey species?

Sloth bears are prey to bengal tigers, but happens on occasion.

Describe the relationship between predator and prey?

Predator is the hunter and prey is its food, predator eats the prey.

What is meant by 'predator-prey cycle'?

the predator-prey cycle is the increase and decrease in population size of the predator and its prey

Why does the peak population of a predator lag behind the peak population of the prey?

The peak population of a predator lags behind the peak population of the prey because the number of predators will not increase until after the food supply increases. This means that the prey must increase first and then the predator population can grow.

Is dog a prey or a predator?

its a prey sometimes or a predator

Are sea dragons prey or predator?

They are prey and predator.

Is a reptile predator or prey?

Reptiles can be predator or prey.

What is a predator and its prey?

lion (predator] . zebra (prey] For the ocean ; theres a conger eel (predator] and a wrasse (prey] ( ;

What are 3 predators and or prey in the desert?

hawk (predator) mouse (prey) hawk (predator) lizard (prey) scorpion (predator) insects (prey)

What is the cycle of predator and prey?

When the predator eats its prey, the prey population will go down because they're being eaten. Now there's is not enough prey because it has been eaten, there's nothing for the predator to eat. So, some die from startvation. Then the prey population increases because they are not being eaten, since the predators died of starvation. - Alexis (future vet!)

What happens in a predator prey population curve?

They go through Cyclic Curve,....

What happens if one part of a food web is eliminated?

When one predator is removed from a food web, their preyâ??s population increases. Then, the food source for that prey will decrease in number from overeating.

What is the opposite of predator?

I believe it is "prey"The opposite of predator is prey.

What is the relationship between a predator and prey?

a predator eats a prey.

What is the relationship between a predator and its prey?

predator eats its prey

Is an shrew prey or predator?

What is the answer of this question is shrew a predator or a prey

Are chimpanzees prey or predator?

chimpanzees can be both the prey and the predator

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