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They die

AnswerThe sperm can live upto 4 days inside a woman's body but if they do not find the egg,it will die. If the egg does not find a sperm, it will also die. The body realises this and the nourished uterus will shed its blood and that is why you get your period.
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Q: What happens to the sperm that doesn't fertilize the egg?
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What happens if the sperm doesnt meet the egg?

It doesn't fertilize

What happens to sperm that doesnt fertilize an egg?

If the egg do not fertilize then the women cannot be pregnant.the Sperm should fuse with egg to give birth to baby.

What happens to the sperm cells if there is no egg to fertilize?

They Die.

What Happens After The Sperm Fertilize The Egg?

Then the fetus starts to develop.

How does sperm fertilize the egg?

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Where does the sperm fertilize the egg?

The sperm fertilizes the egg in the fallopian tube.

What happens if a dog mated with a Human?

Not to much, Canine sperm can not fertilize a human egg.

What happens to the sperm that doesn't fertilize and egg and the woman doesn't have a period?

She throws it up.

What happens to sperm that do not fertilize an egg?

It dies, breaks down and gets absorbed by the body.

How many sperm cell can fertilize an egg?

About 10000 sperm cells are ejaculated but only 1 can fertilize an egg cell.

How long does it take for a sperm cell to fertilize an egg?

it takes up to 1 week for sperm to fertilize an egg depending on how fast the sperm swims

What determines that the sperm with the x chromosome or the sperm with the y chromosome will fertilize the egg?

Pretty much a matter of chance. The first sperm to make it to the egg is the one that will fertilize the egg.

Can human sperm fertilize without egg?

No - you need a sperm AND an egg to get pregnant !

How many sperm cells fertilize an egg cell?

About 10000 sperm cells are ejaculated but only 1 can fertilize an egg cell.

Can you get pergnit by playing with yourself?

No, you need sperm to fertilize the egg and as far as i know fingers or what ever you use to 'Play with your self' doesnt produce sperm

What happens to sperm when you are taking the depo shot?

Depo provera affects eggs, not sperm. The same thing "happens to sperm" as when you're not on Depo Provera, except that there's no egg for sperm to fertilize.

How does the sperm of an angiosperm reach the egg?

It swims to the egg and fertilize it.

What happens when the sperm reach the oviduct and the egg is not there?

Any sperm that does not fertilize an egg will die, and the woman will not get pregnant and will have her period on schedule. This typically happens as a result of unprotected sex that is not near in time to the woman's ovulation.

If your on your period can the sperm fertilize an egg?


Can dead sperm fertilize an egg?

No it can't.

How many sperm fertilize an egg?


What is the inability to fertilize a egg cell?

Impotence is the inability to fertilize an egg. This can occur because the male has a low sperm count or has something wrong with his sperm.

How many sperm cell fertilize the egg?

There are lot of sperm cells i a male's body but only 1 can fertilize it. :)

In order to yield a haploid chromosome condition only one sperm can fertilize one egg?

yes only one sperm can fertilize one egg.

How do you sperm far?

you ejaculate not sperm...sperm are the little swimmers in semen that fertilize the egg.