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When most solvents are dissolved in a solution, its temperature drops. However, if the two liquids react, the chemical change could cause a temperature rise.

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What happens when an acid is dissolved?

In water it will dissociate into ions. In hydrocarbon solvents it cannot dissociate.

What happens when a base is dissolved?

It increases the concentration of OH - in a solution.

What happens to a substance that is dissolved?

A substance that is dissolved disappears in the solvent which makes a homogeneous mixture. This is what forms a solution.

What happens when the concentration of dissolved substances is in the same in both the cell and the solution in which it is placed?

Isotonic solution

What happens when sugar is dissolved in water?

A water solution of sugar is obtained.

When a solid disappears into a liquid you say it has dissolved what is formed when this happens?

A liquid in which something has been dissolved is usually referred to as a 'solution'.

What happens when ammonium chloride is dissolved in water?

An aqueous solution of ammonium chloride is formed.

What happens when a crystal of potassium nitrate is added to the saturated solution as it is cooled?

This crystal is not dissolved.

What happens when you add soap to water?

The soap is dissolved in water (but not totally); the pH of the solution is increased.

What happens when one compound dissolves into another compound?

A solution is a compound that dissolved from another compound.

What happens to the particles of a solid when the solute is dissolved in a solvent?

the solute dissolves in the solvent forming a solution.

What happens when you add more solute to a solution?

When no more of the solute can be dissolved by the solvent, the solute will collect as a precipitate in the solution, which is now said to be saturated.

What happens if you mix sodium chloride and HCl?

In a water solution: a mixture of dissolved NaCl and hydrochloric acid.

What happens when the temperature of a saturated copper sulphate solution is increased?

The solution will become unsaturated as the saturated concentration will increase. Solubility increases with temperature.

When an exothermic reaction occurs in a water solution what happens to the temperature of the solution?

The temperature rises. An "exothermic" reaction releases heat energy in the process.

What happens to a solution's boiling temperature when a solute is dissolved in water?

it increases, and the freezing point decreases.

What happens to gas solute in a solution when the temperature decreses?

The solubility of gas increases as the temperature decreases.

What happens when ammonia dissolves in water?

When ammonia is dissolved in water, an alkaline solution is produced. This alkaline solution can be neutralised by an acid to create ammonium salts.

What happens to sugar after it has been dissolved in water?

A water solution of sugar is obtained; the molecules of sugar are dispersed in water.

What happens to ionic compound like when it is dissolved in a polar solvent like water?

The compound will dissolve forming a solution of its corresponding positive and negative ions. for example salt, NaCl when dissolved in water forms a solution of Na+ and Cl- ions.

What happens to the rate of dissolution as the temperature is increased in a gas solution?

The rate decreases.

What happens in a hypotonic solution?

A hypotonic solution is a solution that has less solute and more water than another solution. The concentration of total dissolved solutes is not equal on both sides, there will be net movement of water molecules into the cell.

What happens to the volume of a sugar water solution as more sugar is dissolved in it?

There is more concentration between the particles.the volume increases

What happens to a cell placed in a hypotonic solution?

When a cell is placed in a hypotonic solution, the cell absorbs water into the cell. A hypotonic solution contains fewer dissolved particles than is found in normal cells.

What happens to the amount of dissolved oxygen when temperatures increase?

The amount of dissolved oxygen decreases when water temperature increases. Warm water is unable to dissolve as much oxygen gas.