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What happens to the vitamin b when you cook foods that contain it?


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Its turns into vitamin c

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If you cook vitamin C it destroys the vitamin C in the food.

well yes until you cook it

you get food with vitiman C nothing happens. Not true! see this in "Cooking" in Wikipedia: 'Cooking of vegetables and fruit containing vitamin c both elutes [ed;elute,The act of separating one substance from another by means of a solvent; to wash; to cleanse] the vitamin into the cooking water and degrades the vitamin through oxidation. The reduction can be very significant with extended cooking.'

The most common foods are quick and convenient foods that are easy to cook and serve. Unfortunately, these foods contain artificial ingredients that aren't good for your health.

because some foods like eggs and beats contain bacteria that can make you sick if they are not cooked properly.

James Cook did not discover a cure for scurvy so much as a way to prevent it. He recognised the value of Vitamin-C rich foods in the prevention of scurvy.

use fresh foods whenever possible. Cook with minimal amounts of water since the water-soluble vitamin content may be leached out.

Cook ensured he had a variety of vitamin-C rich foods on board ship. These foods included sauerkraut (pickled cabbage), lime juice, malt wort and a plant known as Cook's scurvy grass (Lepidium oleraceum).

You should concentrate on foods rich in Omega 3 and vitamin D, which you are most likely critically deficient in, if you are American.

You should cook foods you enjoy eating and that you know how to cook.

Boiled fruit can contain less Vitamin C for a couple reasons. The first reason is damage to the Vitamin C chemical structure. Heat easily destroys Vitamin C. The boiling of fruit introduces the Vitamin C to heat. The second reason is leeching. When you cook using "wet" methods (cooking procedures using water or other liquid) the vitamins and minerals can literally leak out of the fruit and into the surrounding water/liquid.

Because cooked foods are easier to digest, and can be kept longer than raw foods.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is destroyed when we cook vegetables.

Island people cook many foods that are local to them. This is because they cannot afford to import other foods.

Captain James Cook was especially known for feeding his crew sauerkraut, or pickled cabbage, which was rich in vitamin C.

It is safe to cook in copper cookware. However it is not advised to cook baby food it copper cookware because it harms the effects of certain vitamins. In addition very acidic foods should not be cooked in copper cookware as they may contain toxic amounts of copper.

Any bread type foods can be cooked in a toaster that you cook in the microwave. There are "toaster bags" that may allow foods like grilled cheese sandwiches.

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the alugbati is delicious if they cook and it vitamin A i want to cook a alugbati and i put a water on alugbati and it make it soup

Each asparagus spear has 1% of your RDA (your daily needs) of vitamin C. That's about 0.6 mg.A cup of raw asparagus contains 13% of your daily requirement for Vitamin C. Note that if you cook the asparagus, you will destroy a lot, if not most, of the Vitamin C. Some other foods that are high in Vitamin C include a cup of raw, fresh broccoli at 135% of your daily requirement, and fresh squeezed orange juice, at 207% of your daily requirement per cup.

Vitamin C is easily destroyed during preparation, cooking or storage so follow these easy tips to retain as much of the vitamin as possible. * Eat raw fruits and vegetables as soon as possible after buying them. * Cut vegetables just before eating or cooking. * Cook vitamin C-rich foods quickly in as little water as possible. * Microwave, steam or stir-fry to retain the most Vitamin C.

Yes this microwave has quick press buttons for different foods you may want to cook.

Cook something easy and quick to prepare such as a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and canned soup. Other foods that are quick to cook are scrambled eggs, canned and instant foods.

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