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Q: What happens to the wavelength of light as it travels outward through the gravitational field of a planet or star so that the field becomes less strong?
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The outward pressure of hot gas in the Sun causes what?

balanced by gravitational pull

What is a force that causes an object to move outward in a circle?

gravity. (gravitational force.)

What causes Saturn's rings to vary in width creating a rippled pattern?

The gravitational pull of the moons pull the rings outward while the gravitational pull of Saturn pulls the rings inward

What happens to pressure as you move outward from earths interior?

It decreases.

What type of galaxy has a dense cluster of matter at its gravitational center with bands of matter that spin outward like arms?

Spiral galaxies

General idea of waves?

In physics, gravitational waves are ripples in the curvature of space time that propagate as a wave, travelling outward from the source.

What effect does the gravitational pulls have on the planets?

Gravitational pull gives planets their spheroidal shape (balanced by the outward push of matter, causing hydrostatic equilibrium) and also dictates their orbits, for example, their orbit around the Sun.

What are black holes in sciencia and astronomy?

Stars begin as interstellar clouds of gas that gradually organize into clumps. Eventually these growing clumps become so massive that they begin to exert their own uniform gravitational force. This force causes the gas clumps to ball up and become dense. As the gravitational field becomes stronger, the nascent star begins to collapse inward under its own gravitational force. As this happens, the temperature and pressure at the very interior gets so high that nuclear fusion begins to occur in which Hydrogen atoms combine to form Helium, and emit energy. This nuclear reaction expels such a strong outward force that it counteracts the inward gravitational force - resulting in a spherical star with a relatively fixed size. Eventually, all of the Hydrogen and "fuel" that drives this nuclear fusion is used up, and thus the outward force begins to die off. When this occurs, the inward gravitational collapse goes unhindered, and star begins to become very tiny and enormously dense. As the density grows and grows, the gravitational force gets higher and higher. The higher a gravitational force gets, the harder it becomes for anything to overcome the gravitational force. For example, if you are on the moon (low gravity) and shoot a rocket upward, the gravitational force of the moon is too weak to stop its ascent. It will therefore leave the moon and fly indefinitely outward into space. If you were hypothetically able to try this on Jupiter (very high gravity), the rocket you launch may not even get a few hundred feet in the air before it is slowed down, then slammed back into Jupiter's surface. So on the dying star with a high gravitational force, nothing can escape its gravity - not even a beam of light. Because of this, an observer would look in the direction of the dying star and see nothing but black.

What happens when the outward force of pressure wins out over gravity in an old star?

They eplode into supernovas.

Why is the red skulls head red?

It was an outward reaction to another botched attempt at a super soldier serum. The red is representative of his inner rage and evil which overcomes him and becomes his appearance. Much the way that Captain America's inner strength becomes a part of his outward appearance as a result of the serum. That is why the serum must be used on particular character type.

Why do the planets not fall into the sun or fly off into space?

This phenomenon is controlled by gravitational pull. Large objects tend to have a large gravitational pull. Smaller objects are pulled in by large objects. The reason why planets are a steady distance from the sun is because they have a perfect amount of inward and outward pull.

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