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What happens to your body when you have influenza?

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You get high grade fever, severe body-ache and prostration. You remain sick for a week or two.

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What body system is affected by influenza?

The nose ,throat , and Lungs is the body system that gets affected when you have influenza (Flu).

Where is influenza found in your body?


Is influenza viral or bacterial?

Viral, influenza is a series of viral infections which affect the respiratory of our body.

How does the body fight off influenza?

The body fights off influenza by developing antibodies to it. White blood cells are responsible for the manufacturing of antibodies.

How does influenza affect the body?

Influenza affects the body by causing chills, a cough, a sore throat and a runny or blocked nose. You may also have body aches and a general feeling of fatigue.

Where does influenza hide out in your body?

Inside of Bryan Ford.

Patient's serum influenza virus and red blood cells are mixed in a tube What happens if the patient has antibodies against influenza virus?


What is a major characteristic on influenza?

fever, cough, body aches

How do people know they have influenza?

Fever, sore throat, exhaustion, coughing, sneezing, weakness, overall body pains. These are some of the symptoms of Influenza.

What happens to a person temperature if they have an infection such as influenza?

When the body is infected with a pathogen, the immune system recognizes the foreign bodies and raises the temperature to try and kill of the pathogens. This causes a fever, which is an increase in body temperature above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the name of the microorginism in influenza?

Influenza, or flu is caused by three strains: influenza A, influenza B, and influenza C.

How is an influenza virus most likely to enter your body?

Through your nose or throat.

Where is the influenza virus most likely to be found in the body?

Salom! In the throat secretions.

How can you prevent yourself from getting influenza?

Cover your entire body in condoms. j

What will happen if your body doesn't get enough zinc?

if you dont get enough zinc in your body you will get the influenza call zincitis disease

Why is influenza so bad?

Influenza (flu) can be from moderate to serious. So some influenza may cause some serious harm to your body. But others may already be in your immune system so you would react to it differently than others.

What has the author Edwin D Kilbourne written?

Edwin D. Kilbourne has written: 'The Influenza viruses and influenza' -- subject(s): Influenza, Influenza viruses 'Influenza' -- subject(s): Influenza, Influenza viruses, Orthomyxoviridae

What is the infectious agent for the disease influenza?

Influenza, or the flu, is caused by a virus. It is infectious because it is transmitted by body fluids with contact to mucous membranes and can be transmitted via the airborne route.

What are some symptoms of Influenza A infection?

There are several symptoms of the flu, or Influenza A. These symptoms include, fever, body aches, sore throat, headaches, nonproductive cough, nausea, and vomiting.

What happens if your body had no ligaments?

what happens if our body had no ligaments

What happens if the patient has antibodies against influenza virus?

They should not get sick with that specific flu (but could with others).

What is the lifespan of an influenza virus inside a body and outside?

2 hours outside and up to 1 week in the body if you don't die

What is inside the influenza virus?

It is the fluThe influenza virus is known more commonly as the flu, a virus that has symptoms such as runny nose, head and body aches, sneezing, and some digestive problems.

What human body system is targeted by influenza viruses?

The respiratory system is the first system targeted and hit in any influenza. Although stomach and GI viral infections are sometimes called "stomach flu", those are not really caused by an influenza virus, it is another kind of virus. As influenza worsens in some individuals other body systems can be severely affected secondarily, such as renal (kidneys), central nervous system (fever induced seizures), etc.

Does fungi cause influenza?

Fungi do not cause influenza. Viruses Cause influenza.