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Q: What happens to your body when you take drugs?
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Related questions

What happens legally if you take drugs?

If you take illegal drugs and are caught, you will be subject to trial for possession of a narcotic. If you take drugs that you were prescribed to take, nothing happens.

What happens to your body if you take an LSD?

you die a terrible and painful death dont do drugs kid =)

What happens to your brain when you take drugs?

Depends what kind of drugs.

What happens to the body when addicted to drugs?

well it depends on what drugs you are taking i mean all drugs are different

What to do to clean drugs out your body?

Really, there's nothing you can do to clean drugs out of your body but wait.

What happens when athletes take sporting drugs?

they could be banned from the competition as they are not allowed to take sporting drugs

What happens to people who take drugs?

they die

What happens to your body if you inhale illegal drugs?

you become gay

What will happen to you if you take to many drugs?

You will die from an overdose. The drugs will infect your system and damage your body eventually killing you. if you get to a hospital quickly enough the can treat you and get all of the toxins flushed out of your body. BUT JUST DON'T TAKE DRUGS IN THE FIRST PLACE

How do drugs get into the hair?

This is how drugs get into your hair. You take them and it just spreads through your body and grows into your hair.

In a blood test how long does it take for drugs to get out of the body?

It depends on what drugs and your frequency of use. For marijuana is can take up to 3o days, for other drugs generally a week or two.

What happens to your eyes when you take drugs?

some drugs cause your pupils to enlarge and some can affect your overall eyesight.

How do drugs affect the human body?

It means that like if you take drugs it can mess up your lungs,heart,and other things in the human body system.

What happens when you do drugs?

You could die depending on the type of drug you take.

What happens to the circulatory system when you take drugs?

read your book and find out

What happens if you take drugs and your Muslim?

You'll be a Muslim Druggie.? (x

How do drugs and alchol affect your body?

Drugs and alchol affect your body really bad and if you ever take drugz i know that your mama would be very mad at you and she wouldn't let you out of the house cuz that iz what my mom would have done and 4 those who have a facebook go to your chat and type in (^^^) and <(") and see what happens!

What happens to your body if you take ecstasy for 7 days in a row?

dont do it. (Probably well advised) but, I have never done drugs before and have just done 6 days straight. (They were strong) Feel fine

Will drinking vinegar detox your body of drugs?

No, but it will make you pee! There is no way to "detox" your body when you use illegal drugs. If you choose to do drugs, you are going to have to take the consequences of your action. Most drugs take about a week to get out of your system for a drug test, but some last for much longer. WikiAnswers encourages you to go to rehab and get clean!

How long does it take for prescription drugs to get out of your system?

The amount of time it take for prescription drugs to get out of your system will depend on the type of medicine it is. Antibiotics take about 8 days to leave the body.

What happens if you take Oxycontin and hydrocodone together?

Since they are essentially similar drugs -- synthetic opioids -- it is not advisable to take both drugs at the same time. Take one or the other if you are prescribed it, but not both.

Can you use excedrin like drugs?

well if you think of what drug really are, drugs are something that can harm your body after you have had to much of it. if you take to much of Excedrin it can start to harm your body but your only supposed to take a little for head ache relief. its not exactly a drug but if you take to much of it it will have side affects that are similar to when you are taking drugs.

Why does a drugs addict have to take more and more of a drugs to get some effect?

cause your body builds a tolerance to its effects

What happens to athlets who take drugs?

athletes who take drugs will start getting tired and wont want to do any thing any more vkfjfjvorgjgitpzghyjrtophjjyrioyjsrterigop45opigoykioihopsgojhonhjWETJCBOHSJHOJGTojaophjnoStjophaerphjopsroj}nzhiaoiz[tiopgohjuji0hjirhjio1edwkkogksookbkofkodogfjkawrnmkinqkjbiaeiinhi nrijjg A`

What happens if you keep using drugs?

Well firstly you can KILL yourself or you can do serious damage to your body!!