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You get a BIG black mark on your CR and future loans will be at a higher than normal interest rate and/or a higher DP. PLUS, you will still have to pay the remaining balance on the repoed car. Do your best to SELL the car before repotime.

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Q: What happens to your credit if you pay all your bills on time except your car payment and your car gets repossessed?
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What happens to the loan after the car is repossesed?

After the vehicle is repossessed then the financial organization is notified of its recovery but the amount of the loan is cancelled except for the outstanding arrears, the taxes, wear and tear on the vehicle charge, the cost of repossession, travel charges and mileage and compounding interest on the outstanding amount. They then call the credit bureaus and report the transgression and the credit ratings are adjusted accordingly.

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What are the consequences to one's credit if a vehicle is repossessed?

It adversly effects your credit for 7 years. Except for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy which remains on the report for 10 years, no bad debt can stay on your credit repair beyond 7 years from the date the debt was originated. The law is on your side that it must come off.

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The credit card will add interest on your unpaid balance which will increase your total credit card debt. If the company cashes your check, nothing will happen. Except what is mentioned above. They often accept partial payments. If they don't take partial payments they will return your check & demand a full payment Different companies have different rules. You should contact them to find out exactly. They probably WON'T take a partial payment without charging you interest.


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How can I learn about title pawn loan?

This is a tricky adventure. The pawn shops do not work like a bank or credit union does. There policies are a little stricter and more abusive than what you will get from the banks and credit unions. The great thing about the pawn loan is that you can bring in actually merchandise that they will except for payment if you do not have the cash. They also do not allow you to go for a few months without payment before they reposes your vehicle. You also have to put something up of greater value so they would finance you.

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What happens if your credit card company goes bankrupt and you don't pay your balance?

Same as before...their BK makes no difference to you, except now the court and creditors are interested in making sure payments are made as they get or get to sell that asset.

How many people have credit card in the world?

almost everybody had a credit card except for little kids of course and people that dont have a bank account,

What type of payment do they accept at will except online payments using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, BANK, Discover and PayPal. The payment process is straightforward and easy to understand.

If you file bankruptcy does that mean that the payment history on your accounts is not supposed to show anymore?

This would be the best case scenario for your credit report, but it does not happen automatically. Hopefully, your bankruptcy attorney was diligent about informing all creditors included that their debts were discharged. If not, and you still have derogatory information showing that was included and discharged in a bankruptcy; then you need to send letters of dispute to the creditors and the credit bureaus. Follow up to make certain that nothing shows on your credit report except for the legal entry of bankruptcy, its disposition (the discharge) and all trade lines have no negative information except for the "included in..." or "discharged through..." notation.

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