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If you are covered by your employer and you leave your job or lose your job, your employer must offer you COBRA, which is a continuation of your medical benefits.

Normally, you can stay on a COBRA plan for up to 36 months. Once you are no longer employed by your company, the medical benefits contributions will no longer apply, meaning you will have to pay the full cost of medical insurance yourself to the medical plan.

The cost per month can vary, but will be clearly listed on your COBRA letter which outlines this service. You will receive your COBRA letter shortly after your last day of employment.

If your employer has fewer then 20 employees, the US Labor Department will not enforce COBRA. If your employer does nothing, you are out of luck.

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Q: What happens to your medical insurance if you lose your job?
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In the divorce you responsible foare your childrens medical insurance but you lose your job are you still responsible for their insurance?

You are still responsible for their insurance, when you get another job that has it available. If there is no insurance right now, most of the time you would be responsible for half of any medical bills that are acquired while they were uninsured.

Is the job description of a medical insurance specialist determined by the physician and the practice manager?

As with any job, the job description of a medical insurance specialist is determined by the organization for which you work.

What kind of health insurance covers you if you are injured on the job?

medical insurance

How do you verify insurance authorizations for a job position?

Trying to get a job in the medical field and trying to find upgraded knowledge on how they verify medical insurance and authorizations?


he will lose his job

Why is it important to obtain a job that has medical benefits if you are not covered by someone else's medical insurance policy?

Healthcare services and medical insurance plans are very expensive.

Does renters insurance cover your rent if you lose your job?

Yes. there is renter's insurance that offers optional "Involuntary Unemployment" insurance coverage.

When should medical insurance start with a new job?

Generally insurance starts anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

Can a CNA lose her job for not preforming CPR on a resident?

Yes, she can lose her job and her license. Professional rescuers (and other medical professionals) are bound by law (in most places) to render medical attention to patients in their care.

Can a doctor drop you if you lose health insurance when you lose your job?

i guess it just reallys depends. you might just have to call the doctor to see whats going with the insurance and stuff.

If you are carrying medical insurance is it necessary or wise to also get medical payments coverage as part of your auto insurance?

It is not required. Please keep in mind medical insurance on an auto policy only pays in the excess of what your work med doesnt pay.It is a good idea to have the medical payments on your policy because it will also cover any passengers that are in your vehicle if they don't have health insurance. It will also pay bills right away. You never know if you are going to lose your job or have something else happen. It is good to cover all your basis.

Your friend was caught without car insurance and had his license suspended but is unable to pay insurance or fines and will lose his job without a car Is there anything he can do?

If he has to have a car to keep his job, but can't get his license reinstated or pay for the insurance, then he won't be able to keep his job.

What is cobra insurance coverage?

COBRA insurance is for people who had medical insurance under their job and then just lost their job. You have to opt into it if your job offers that ability. You have to pay a larger premium to use the insurance. Everything you need is on;

Which type of health insurance policy may not cover all of your health insurance needs or may deny benefits if you lose your job?

Most people get health insurance through their job. Most insurance companies prefer to get one check to insure 100 people than to get 100 different checks. Since you have health insurance through your job when you lose your job, your old company no longer takes care of the paperwork. Most health insurance plans have a deductible. That means you must pay something.

What happens to you when you lie about a job application for being a criminal?

You lose your job. And depending on the type of job, it there could be criminal charges.

How does one benefit by using an HSA for their medical needs?

Health savings accounts also referred to HSA can be beneficial if one was to lose their job, and need to pay for medical expenses. It is also beneficial to those with insurance that have high deductibles, as it can be applied toward the deductible.

What happens when your loan protection insurance runs out and you are still unemployed?

find a job

What happens to my 401k account if I lost my job?

Your 401k account will get rolled over to your next employee if you lose your job.

Can I be denied health insurance due to preexisting medical conditions if my job switches health insurance carriers?

No, because group insurance is normally guaranteed-issue, so they have to insurance no matter what conditions you have.

Where can one find a medical insurance job online?

Medical insurance jobs can be found at Allianz and Bupa or on popular job-searching websites such as Reed. Bupa is based in Dublin and currently has opportunities for team players who are enthusiastic and keen to join their international and dynamic team.

If an employer pays the premium on medical insurance and forces an employee to take that coverage is there anything the employee can do if they are covered under another plan?

Contact your human resource or personnel department people. If you have to self-pay for your health insurance coverage at your workplace you may be able to select not paying for it and decline the coverage. It depends on the insurance laws in your state and what is the policy at your workplace. If your employer pays for the insurance for you and you don't have to pay anything then why turn it down? Medical care is very expensive. And if you lose your job you may be able to continue that coverage until you have coverage from a new job.

What happens if you have a job with a cdl and get a dwi?

You will lose your CDL and lose your job that requires you to keep your CDL. Some states are very strict about DUI charges, never mind convictions.

What is the best paid medical job?

While the job is not directly related to medicine, in that this person does not perform any medical functions, the CEO or other high level administrator of a private insurance company would be the highest paid person in any job related to the medical profession.

A Group Medical Insurance Plan is an Excellent Way to Obtain Medical Insurance Coverage?

Agile Health Insurance makes it simple to choose, compare & apply online for affordable Health Insurance from leading Health Insurance Companies with ObamaCare options, Short-Term Health & Dental Insurance too!

What is the definition of primary coverage in regard to medical insurance?

Often, a person will have "primary" insurance and "secondary" insurance. For example, if you have insurance through your job, and your husband has insurance through his job, then your primary insurance will be the one through your job, and your secondary insurance will be the one through your husband's job. Also, your husband's insurance through his job will be his primary, and yours through your job will be his secondary. There can be some exceptions to this though. For example, if you were married, had a child, then divorced and remarried (retaining custody of the child), and both your ex and current husbands have insurance through work, then the one who's birthday is first is considered the "primary" insurance, and the other is the "secondary" insurance. But there will still be a deductible with each one that has to be met before either one will pay.