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If you have good credit then you should have no problem. As long as YOU know you can meet the mortgage payments and be responsible for paying off your credit card most credit card companies are more than happy to accommodate you. Also, be careful with applying with personal guaranteed business cards. Just because they are for business use you will still be responsible for it. Thus, that is still like any other personal credit card which you have decided to use for the business. A true business credit card is the one that does not take your social into consideration, or at the most it asks you to personally guarantee the debt.

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Where can one apply for a business visa credit card?

You can apply online for a business visa credit card from the Visa website. It allows you to have separate business and personal expenses as well as regular savings on business products.

How can one apply for a Conoco Credit Card?

One can apply for a Conoco Credit Card by going to the official Conoco website. There one can apply online for their credit cards including personal cards and business cards.

How do you obtain business credit file credit score and stay away from personal credit?

You will have to file a corporation, or LLC. Apply for a credit card with that particular EIN, and go from there. This is generally different than your personal.

How does one apply for a Shell Credit Card?

There are two different options to apply for a Shell credit card. First, you must choose between a business or personal card, then you can apply online or by phone for a Shell credit card.

Where might one go to apply for Barclay credit cards?

To apply for Barclays credit cards one might go the official Barclays website. One can apply for business or personal credit cards. One can also apply through the CreditCards' website.

How do you get approved for line of credit?

There are personal and business lines of credit. If personal, they are often secured by the equity in your home. Find a local bank or credit union that offers home equity lines of credit and apply. They'll be happy to answer your questions. If it is a business line of credit, talk to the business lenders at your bank. Some credit unions also offer business loans. The approval will be based on your credit history, income level and assets available to secure the loan. In the United States, you must be 18 to apply for a loan.

Are Business Credit Cards A Line of Credit?

Yes, business credit cards are a superb way to build your business’ score, which will help you get an unsecured loan. In case your personal credit rating is just too low to qualify for a loan, it’s possible to apply a business credit card to set up an independent business credit score over time.

Do you have to put down a personal guarantee when you apply for small business credit cards?

Yes you usually have to put down a personal guarantee when you apply for small buiness credit cards. This way they know you will pay back your money and it makes you less of a liability.

Where could someone apply for a Citi business credit card?

The best place to apply for a Citi business credit card is to apply directly from the company. Citi Bank is the institution that sponsors the Citi business credit card. One can apply directly at the Citi Bank website.

How can I apply for a secured business credit card?

You can apply for a secured business credit card at most of the major credit card companies like: AmericanExpress, Visa, Mastercard. You can apply for a business card by phone, or by applying online through forms on their websites.

How do you get your business to have credit?

Go to a bank with all of your official business documents and apply for a line of credit. They will base their decsions upon the soundness of your business plan, any possible collateral of the business or your own and the your personal and business history. The link mentioned below has few more ideas.

Is it possible to get a bad credit business loan in Anchorage, Alaska?

Right now in todays economy it is hard to get a loan if you even have a blemish on your credit. However, If you apply for a EIN #, you get a tax number that establishes your business. They will take your personal credit into consideration as well.

How can one apply for a personal credit card?

You can easily apply for a personal credit card by going to a bank near you and talk to a banker. He will help you out and explain to you how it all works.

Where can one apply for Advanta business credit cards?

One can apply for Advanta business cards directly on the Advanta business credit card application website thereby receiving a credit decision not shortly after. Credit is generally easily obtainable from this lender.

Which credit card companies offer credit with no personal guarantee?

It is possible to get Visa and MasterCard business credit cards from several companies without a personal guarantee - the issue isn't so much which credit card companies offer them - the problem is that no one will give them to you if you don't have a robust business credit profile built up. What confuses people is that every business credit application they see contains a section for a personal guarantee and space to write down the personal guarantor's social security number. However, just because an application has that section doesn't mean it is required to be filled in. The applications that also contain text stating that you must have a personal guarantor are generally the only ones that you can't get without a personal guarantee. Once your business credit is solidly built up, you can successfully apply for business credit cards and simply leave the personal guarantee section blank. When they run your Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Business credit report, if you have substantial business credit and a profile that has been built properly, your application will be approved - based only on your business credit with no personal guarantee. In order to build your business credit up to where you will qualify for business credit cards, you will want to get approximately 15 business credit accounts (most of them revolving accounts), a full Dun & Bradstreet and Experian profile built, you'll want to get into the ratings system, and you'll need at least three revolving accounts with high credit limits. Obviously, you will also need to have paid your business bills on time and have close to an 80 Paydex score.

How does a business owner apply for a credit card for a business?

I would first talk to your personal bank since you already have a relationship with them. Most major credit companies offer business acounts and will issue more then one card for employees for now additional cost.

What paperwork does one need to submit to apply for a business credit card?

The paperwork the needs to be submitted to apply for a business credit card is all of the business registration information to prove that the business has been approved federally.

Where can one apply for a business credit card?

One can apply for a business credit card at any major banking location. One doesn't usually apply to a credit card company themselves but to a bank such as Chase, Citi, or Bank of America.

How will bad credit allow me to apply for payday loans?

Bad credit will not necessarily allow one to apply for payday loans. Instead, if one sufferers from bad credit, services exist which will help one to find a business willing to take the risk of a personal, or payday loan.

How do I apply for a small business credit?

You can do so at

Can I apply for a business credit card online?

Yes, you can apply online for a business credit card. Site offer this, on being You just have to fill out the application.

Who is Initial Underwriting Group?

Initial Underwriting Group helps small businesses build business credit. They use the concept of personal credit and apply it to the building of business credit at Dun & Bradstreet. Information about initial underwriting was found on: Initial Underwriting Groups can also help businesses get lines of credit without using a personal guarantee.

Can I apply for a credit card on the Chase banks site?

Yes, you can apply for any of several Chase Bank credit cards online. Personal cards include those with cash back, travel rewards and low interest. Business credit cards are also available for online application.

Where can you apply for a cash back business credit card?

There are a number of places that you can apply for a cash back business credit card. Some places that you may want to try to apply at include Visa and Master Card.

Where could one apply for a CitiBank business credit card?

If one is interested in applying for a CitiBank business credit card, it is recommended to check out their official website. On their website, one is able to submit an application for a business credit card by pressing "Apply Now".