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When a boat is written off, it becomes salvaged, usually it is destroyed to prevent further liability.

2004-06-18 17:09:21
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What kind of liability insurance is needed for a fishing charter?

Start with obtaining a quotation for boat insurance, and let the agent/company know that you will be chartering the boat. If the chartering operations are incidental, the boat insurance may extend coverage. They will ask if the boat to be chartered includes a captain or not. Another recommendation is to call a boat charter company and ask for an evidence of insurance. Then you can contact the insurance company that provides it.

What commercial marine insurance is offered at global marine insurance?

The company offers the following types of Commercial Marine Insurance: Boat Rental Insurance, Boat Club Insurance, Charter Fleet Insurance and Passenger Boat insurance which includes tours, excursions and ferry.

Is grange insurance required to operate a boat?

Grange insurance is an insurance company and is not specifically required to operate a boat. Boating insurance is however required in many areas. Check with your local laws on insurance requirements.

Why is a private pleasure boat insurance considered as a high risk insurance instead of as a consumer insurance in Spain?

Check out a Company Called UMU they have a Boat Insurance Basic page that answers some great questions about the the insurance policies.

What is one of the best boat insurance company's?

The best company to get boat insurance through is probably Progressive Insurance or Nationwide Insurance. Although you may want to check your current companies rates if you already have car insurance through them.

What are the insurance rates for commercial boats?

Insurance rates depend on which insurance company you choose to do business with. When you decide which insurance company you want to insure your commercial boat, you fill out a quote for your particular coverage.

Is boat insurance coverage worth the money?

Yes, boat insurance coverage is worth the money- especially if you might happen to own a boat or are thinking of purchasing one in the near future. Contact your insurance company to learn more.

Is boat insurance required in Louisiana?

Boat insurance is no required in the state of Louisiana,however if your boat is financed your finance company most likely will require proof of insurance. Its not required by law, in most states. You'll have to check with your department of motor vehicles where you register the boat. You do have to have a title and registration for boat and trailer because of them being on the roads. If you find that you need an insurance policy you can get a quote

How can you do Trailer boat insurance?

Many insurance providers that specialize in boat insurance, can include trailer coverage in their boat insurance quote.

After whom the Edmund Fitzgerald was the boat named?

The chairman of the North-western Mutual Life Insurance Company The chairman of the North-western Mutual Life Insurance Company The chairman of the North-western Mutual Life Insurance Company The chairman of the North-western Mutual Life Insurance Company

What services does the Liberty insurance company offer?

The Liberty insurance company offers a wide variety of insurance services, such as life, home, car, boat, renters, and atv insurances for just about anyone or anything.

Does the AMI Insurance Company cover more than just auto and home insurance?

AMI Insurance Company has many different types of insurance. In addition to auto and home policies, you can also get farm, lifestyle, motorcycle, contents, boat, and trailer insurance.

What services does Progressive offer in the auto insurance market?

The company Progressive offers all kinds of services in the auto insurance market, like auto insurance and motorcycle insurance. The company also offers commercial autos, homeowner insurance and boat insurances.

What exactly is direct line insurance?

Direct line insurance is an insurance company that is bent on making sure that everyone can have affordable auto insurance as well as different services like boat insurance.

How much is Bass boat insurance?

The cost of Bass boat insurance depends on the type of boat you have, the age of the boat and where the boat will be docked. Prices range from $50 to $300 a month for boat insurance.

Do boat rental companies require additional insurance coverage prior to rental?

Boat rental insurance is not usually required in order to rent a boat from any company. However, because boat rental companies are protected under the law from any injury or accident which may occur while you are renting the boat, it is a good idea to purchase boat rental insurance prior to rental.

Where can I find more information regarding cheap boat insurance?

Questions regarding boat insurance can be found at any major insurance company. Progressive, State Farm, and Geico are all good, reputable companies that can be contacted for further information.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Texas?

No, boat insurance is not required in Texas.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Pennsylvania?

No, boat insurance is not mandatory in Pennsylvania.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Alabama?

No, boat insurance is not mandatory in Alabama.

What other forms of insurance does the car insurance company Yale offer?

Yale Auto Insurance also offers Home Owners Insurance, Boat Insurance, Renters Insurance, and Motorcycle Insurance along with Auto Insurance. The are located in Chicago, Illinois.

Where can I charter a boat for a week?

Boat liveries are around any tourist spots that have water. It is just a matter of going to one of them and renting a boat. Take out insurance, because if something happens to the boat, you are liable for it.

Where does insurance claims money come from?

When you get insurance on a car, a house, a boat, you pay the insurance company money, known as premiums. The insurance company invests that money. When there is a claim, some of the premium, along with some of the interest from the invested money, is used to pay the claim.

Which company offers cheap boat insurance?

Many insurance companies offer decently rated insurance. Specifically, it'd depend on what state you're in, how much the boat was purchased for, the year of it, etc. Progressive would probably have the lowest rate, though.

Where can I find more information regarding boat insurance coverage?

With Progressive's specialized boat insurance coverage, you can relax knowing you have coverage for your boat or personal watercraft. Just like automobile insurance, we make boat insurance easy"you can even get a boat insurance quote online and print your insurance card today