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They will feel more sexually active and want to do something horny like have sex or masturbait

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What does a girl do when she gets Horney?

Eat your toenails

What happens to a girl when they get horney?

they get wet, and it turns them on

What is that white liquid coming out of the vagina?

well when guys get horney they get a boner but when a girl gets horney that clear liquid comes out their vagina its normal

What happens when a teen takes Viagra?

then you penis gets hrd andyou get horney and you want to have sexx...

How come a men gets horney for any pretty girl they see?

too much Viagra

What happens when you get horney?

i get a bone bone

If during sex you continue to hit a womans vaginal wall will that cause problems?

yaaah gets her so horney trust me i am a girl

What happens to girls when they get horney?

They wanna have sex

How do you get a girl in the mood for a kiss?

make her horney

What happens to eggs when a girl gets her period?

it gets hooplaw and i get hungry

What happens when a girl get horny?

She gets wet

What happens to a girl when they are turned on?

She gets wet lol

What happens to your breasts if you are not breast feeding?

u will get horney alot

What happens when you are horney and your parents are home?

wack off silently

What happens if a girl gets her period at the beach?

she gets it at the beach and well she is stuffed from a person

What happens if a girl sucks your penis?

An angel gets his wings.

What happens to girl when she drink man spurm?

she gets pregnent

What happens if a girl gets bullied by boys?

they tell someone.

What happens when you take neuron tin and Viagra?

You feel horney and relaxed

Does kissing on the neval makes a girl horney?

Yes. That's what I have to say for you

How can you tell if a girl is horney?

If she chooses not to let you know you wont know.

How do you tell a girl is horney?

When they like Justin bieber :)

Who sang I'm horney horney horney horney?

She is an anglo-italian singer called Gala.

What does it mean when a girl likes giving you erections?

It means the girl likes getting you horney.. she thinks its funny

What happens when a girl gets sexually exited?

She wants to have more sex