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What do you mean? Did you purchase a home that has a lien on it? If so, you do not have a clear title to your home and the lien holder can take posession of your property. A lien should be paid off prior to completing a sale of a property. Good Luck

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Q: What happens when a lien is purchased on a house?
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What happens if there is a lien on my house?

It means that you can't sell your house without paying your bills.

What happens to a lien on a house after it expires?

The lain stays with the mortgage. And if the owner of the mortgage does not settle up with the lien holder that person cannot sell their house, car, boat or whatever the lien is on. They have to pay lien first or sell and before they get the money the amount of the lien will be deducted from total sell

What happens if you buy a house with a lien on it and you didnt know?

Whose responsible for the house payment= mortgagee or owner

What happens when a lien is put on your house?

When a lien is recorded against your property you cannot sell or mortgage the property until the debt is paid.

Can the lien against my property be released when the the original owner apparently with a tax debt died.?

Assuming you are talking about an IRS lien, then yes. If you were not liable for the taxes, then the lien should not be on your property. The first thing to determine is whether or not the lien actually attached to your property. If the previous owner of the house owned the house at the time the lien was filed, then the lien probably legally attached to the house. If this is the case, this is something you should take up with the title company that did the title work when you purchased the house. More common is that the IRS filed a lien and the address they had on record was still his old house (your house). Just because the lien had that address on it doesn't mean you have a lien on your house. If the property wasn't his, then it did not legally attach. If a title company still has issues with this (if you are trying to sell your house), you may need to get a Certificate of Non-Attachment from the IRS to show them that it's not attached.

Can a house be built on a property with a lien without being encumbered by the existing lien?

No. Once a house is built it becomes an intrinsic part of the real estate. If the land has a lien on it the lien holder will get your house.

Is it legal for your father in law to put a lien on the house you purchased from him?

Yes, but the specifics matter, as well. Consult a legal professional on this matter.

Can you sell a house with a lien on it?

You have to pay off your bills. That is why these people put a lien on your house.

If your house is foreclosed on what happens if you get a personal lender and get a new house Can they put a lien on the new house?

Check the laws in your state, but NO, they cannot. Your old house secures the mortgage on THAT house. Nothing else.

What happens if someone does not pay a property lien?

In BC, when you sell a house, the lawyer must pay the lien and any other outstanding debts, such as taxes and utilities, before the person selling the house receives any of the money from the sale

What happens when the city puts a lien on your house for unpaid taxes?

Eventually the city will take possession of the property and sell it.

What happens if a private investor places a lien on your home?

To get a lien he would have had to show a judge the he had a right to do so. You would have to owe him for goods or services. It would have to of been concerning the house. You borrowed money on it, had work done to it and did not pay as promised. If a judge agreed, you have a lien on it. I believe the lien is on the house not you. If you sell it, the lien stays with the house. It would most likely have to be paid before ownership was transferred. If the new owner did not research the deed, it would become his responsibility if he accepted ownership as is.

How does a person with a tax lien on him buy a house?

A person doesn't have a lien; only property can have a lien.

Will there be a federal tax lien put on my house that's in foreclosure?

Yes, there will be a federal tax lien put on your house that is in forclosure. The bank or person that buys your house will have the option to pay that lien off.

How do you put a lien on home in California?

How do you put a lien on a house in California?

Does house lien earn interest?

A lien itself? No. A lien is a claim of ownership. But if someone has filed a lien on a house, he's probably owed money, so penalties, fees and interest would apply there.

What if a vehicle is bought that has a lien on it from first owner but been through a number of other owners can that vehicle be repossed in Ontario?

Now that Ontario has the used car package, you should be aware if any outstanding liens are on this vehicle. However if you purchased the vehicle with a lien still on it you are liable for that lien and the vehicle can be repo'd. If the vehicle was bought through a dealer then they are liable for the lien. Also check the lien to see if it has expired, as this is a case that happens alot. The lien expires but still shows up on the lien search or the original lien has been paid but the lien holder never released it.

What happens when you put a lien on property?

When property has a lien on it, the property cannot legally be sold until the lien is paid.

What happens if you sold equipment that has a lien on it not paid for?

you could get sued by the holder of the lien

How do you file a lien on a house that is in a trust in Massachusetts?

Yes, a lien can be filed on a piece of real property, regardless of the owner. However, the reason for the lien has to be directly related to the actual owner or the property itself. i.e., if a trust owns a house and I live in the house, and you have a judgement against me, there is no attaching a lien on the house for my debt.

Can a house be sold if there is a lien on it?

Yes, but the lien has to be satisfied with the proceeds from the sale. Or the buyer has to accept the lien, not always allowed.

What if a lien is on your house?

You can not sell your house or if you die your home will go to the people who have a lien on your home.The best thing to do is to pay off the lien which is usually someone or a bank you owe money.

Can a lien be put on my property that is in my husbands name when he doesn't own the house?

A lien can be put on the property if he has a debt that is owed. If he doesn't own the house, a lien can still be placed on the property. The property has its own value and so does the house.

Can you sell your house if you have a judgment lien against you that is not associated with the house?

Generally, in some states a judgment lien affects all the property owned by the defendant in the county where the lien has been recorded in the land records. Once recorded it prevents the sale or mortgage of any real property owned by the debtor. However, in other jurisdictions a specific property must be listed in the body of the lien. In either case, the lien will be reported as part of a title examination ordered by the buyer's attorney. The attorney will need to verify that the lien doesn't affect the property to be purchased and the sale will proceed. However, if there is no clearcut confirmation that the house property is not affected, the buyer's attorney and buyer's bank will insist the lien be paid off.

Can a company put a lien on a house if someone elses name is on deed?

A company cannot put a lien on a house if you do not own it. In the court's eyes, that is not your property and therefore a lien cannot be attached.