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My puppy chipped off the tip of one of his canine (long front) teeth. When I took him in for his shots and pointed out the tooth, the vet said this: "It's okay, because he will lose that baby tooth and an adult tooth will come in, just like humans do. It is very common for puppies to bite on something too hard and chip a tooth."

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Q: What happens when a puppy has broken 1 of their teeth?
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Does a 1 month old labrador retriever puppy already has a teeth?

Of course it has!

What should you feed your 1 month old pup?

if teeth are in soak puppy food in water loosen with fork when teeth are all the way in start dry food if its a large puppy with teeth just try dry puppy food please make sure its puppy food because they need the smaller bites

Do puppies lose their fang teeth as well?

No, I have had a puppy and it did not lose it's fang teeth. Right now its about 1 year old in human years and I can still see his fang teeth

How do you tell a pit bull puppies age?

It's no different that any other breed or mix of puppy. The easiest way to check is by looking at the teeth. If the puppy is only starting to get get teeth (and has blue eyes that clearly cannot focus), you have a 3-4week old puppy. If they are all sharp puppy teeth, then you have a dog under 4months. If most adult teeth are in and they are bright white and perfect, you most likely have a puppy 5-7months old. If there are well established adult teeth with any yellowing imperfections, you know you have a puppy at least 1 year old. Your vet can certainly help with this. In some cases, vets can check by looking at the dogs' eye.

Can a dog breed with 1 of its puppy's?

can a dog breed with 1 of its own puppy's

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yes, but it happens to 1-8000000 people in the world.

How can I go on vacation when I have a young puppy?

1) Take the puppy with you 2) Kennel the puppy 3) Ask family to watch the puppy

If a puppy ate 1 puppy will she at all of her puppies?

umm.. your puppy shouldn't eat puppies. if they do take it to the vet.

What can a 1 month puppy eat?

Puppy food soaked in warm water.

Puppy likes to chew on?

Many puppies like to chew on your socks, shoes, or you. To avoid little puppy teeth holes in your stuff, you may consider buying toys for your puppy. My puppy loves to chew on toys that squeaky. Dogs like high pitched sounds more than low, for example they like it better when you talk in nice higher pitched voices, not like when your saying "Bad Dog" to them. There are some toys at your local wal-mart that are only $1. You may not want to go get them a huge rawhide bone yet; their puppy teeth are delicate. Hope this helped

What do baby squirrels eat when it has not developed teeth?

Kitten Formula Or Just Born Puppy Formula but only give them 1/2 of an ounce 2 times a day. Anonymous

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