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What happens when air is heated in small jar?

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When air is heated in a small jar the temperature obviously rises. When the temperature (aka Kinetic energy) is also rising. This means the molecules are speeding up and colliding more often. Therefore the pressure exerted on the sides of the jar is increased as well.

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What happens when a glowing candle is covered with small jar?

it stops burning. This is b'coz there is only a small amount of oxygen in the air inside the jar, so it gradually gets used up, so the candle stops burning

What happens when you put a balloon in a jar then remove all the air?

If you put an inflated balloon in a jar and then remove the air from the jar the balloon will expand. Perhaps to the point of bursting, or to the point where it coats the entire inner surface of the jar.

How long can a tick live without air?

about 2 weeks in a small jar

What happens to a closed glass jar put in a fire pit?

It will crack and break and maybe the heated gasses inside will make it explode.

What can a milligram measure?

Mass A rather small mass, such as a dose of medicine or the mass of the air in a jar.

Why a glass jar can be easily opened if the metal lid is heated?

because metal will expand when it has been heated up

What happens to jar jar binks?

No one knows just yet.

Why does more water evaporate from a jar wityhout a lid than a jar with a lid?

Imagine the air surrounding the water is like a sponge. When the lid is closed, only the air in the jar acts like a sponge, so we have a very small sponge. When the lid is open, ideally all the surroundig air acts like a sponge, and that is very big.

What happens to jam if the jar it is in is left open to the air?

It will attract flies ants and bees, and will also likely go moldy

How many candy corns fit in a jar?

168,238 in a small jar 177,546 in a medium jar 200,067 in a big jar 213,403 in a GIANT jar

How did Jar Jar die?

Darth Vader put him in a air lock

Will a candle burn longer in a large jar then a small jar?

In a large jar as there should be more oxygen.

What happens when a gas jar containing air is inverted over a gas jar containing brown red bromine vapour?

Diffusion is the movement of molecules from a region of high concentration to one of low concentration. As NO2 is heavier than air, diffusion takes place and hence after some time the brown colour is seen in jar containing air. Geethanjali Somisetty

Why does placing a jar under warm running water help loosen the lid?

There are two ways that putting a jar under warm water helps loosen the lid. When heated, materials expand. So the air in the jar could expand, reducing any internal suction. Secondly, the metal cap could expand so as to not have as much friction with the rest of the jar.

If an alarm clock is in a jar filled with air what happens if all the air sucked out of the jar?

The alarm would be much quieter, as sound can't travel through vacuum. But if it's a mechanical alarm clock then vibrations would be transferred from the clock to the jar and then to whatever the clock is standing on , and you'd probably be able to hear some of that.

Why is a tightened lid on jar easier to remove when heated?

Because the metal lid expands quicker than the glass jar - making it loose.

Why someone is unable to hear the bell ringing in a jar with air?

If their is air in the jar, you should be able to hear the bell ringing. Air carries the sound waves from the bell to the jar and to outside the jar so that the ringing is heard. Without any gas media in the jar, the sound would not be carried to the outside and the bell would not be heard.

How do you airtight jars?

You can make an Jar Airtight by hooking up a machine that pulls the air out of it and selas the top or you can place the jar into boiling water to heat the contents of the jar. as the contents cool it will pull the lid tight on the jar making an air tight seal.

In Star Wars what happens to Jar Jar Binks?

He becomes a representitave of Naboo, but we don't know how or when he dies.

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