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I've personally done this experiment, and although it looks like the aluminum is dissolving, the ionic bonds are breaking and causing the foil to decompose.

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What happens to magnesium when you mix aluminum and copper sulfate?

Please someone answer a question for CuSO4 + H2O+Al= What when added to Cupric Sulfate and Cupric Chloride? Need this for a science class!!

What occurs when aluminum is added to copper chloride?

The aluminum metal appears to be turning into copper, but it is actually just removing the metallic copper from its compound state. The Aluminum is oxidized and loses e-, becoming Al 3+ and the copper ions are reduced (they accept those e-) to form solid copper precipitate. The aluminum ions and chloride ions remain in the solution. The reaction will only occur in water and occurs because the transfer of electrons from the aluminum to the copper results in a more stable system.

What happens to ferric oxide solution when aluminum chloride is added?

Ferric oxide (Fe2O3) is not soluble in water.

What is the reaction when aluminum is added to copper sulfate?

The reaction forms aluminum sulfate and frees copper.

What happens when a piece of copper is added to iron II chloride solution?

I think it turns from brown to a silver color

Why did copper chloride turn blue when added to water?

because of the copper ions

Does table salt have aluminum in it?

No. Table salt is sodium chloride. If it is iodized it has iodine added, but no aluminum.

What happens when dilute hydrochloric acid is added to copper turnings?

Copper turnings react with HCl to form Copper chloride and give out hydrogen gas. Cu(s) + 2HCl -----> CuCl2 +H2(g)

What happens when copper is added to copper sulphate?


What are the effects of chlorine on copper?

Chlorine and copper combine to form either copper(I) chloride, CuCl, or copper(II) chloride, CuCl2. Copper(I) chloride is also called cuprous chloride, and is a white solid that is not very soluble in water. Copper(II) chloride is also called cupric chloride and is a yellowish-brown solid that is soluble in water.Added:Chlorine will make copper to be oxidized. Cupric chloride will be formed.Cu (-2e-) + Cl2 (+2e-) --> CuCl2

What is the equation when zinc metal is added to a solution of copper II chloride?

The chemical equation for the reaction that occurs when zinc metal is added to a solution of copper II chloride is: Zn + CuCl2 -> Cu + ZnCl2.

What happens if aluminum is added in dilute hcl?

when aluminium is added to dil. hcl it forms aluminium chloride and hydrogen gas. 4 Al + +6 HCL=2 Al2CO3 + 3 H2

What happens to silver chloride when added water?

Silver chloride is not soluble in water.

What happens when silver nitrate is added to chloride?

silver chloride should precipitate out.

What happens when sodium chloride is added to water or shaken?

Sodium chloride is easily dissolved.

What happens to rubidium chloride when added to water?

Rubidium chloride is dissolved and dissociated in water.

What is the chemical equation for the reactions when copper is added to aluminum sulfate?

There is no reaction at all.

What happens when barium chloride and sodium hydroxide are added to copper nitrate?

When you mix the solutions of Sodium Hydroxide and barium chloride then a double replecement occurs.2 NaOH + BaCl2 = 2 NaCl + Ba(OH)2

What happens when sodium chloride a compound is added to water?

You will obtain a sodium chloride solution in water.

What happens when nickel is added to a solution of potassium chloride?


What happens when black uranium is added to copper vessel?

Uranium doesn't react with copper.

What happens when steel wool is added to copper sulphate?

Copper is deposed on the steel wool.

What happens when silver nitrate is added to potassium chloride solution?

Your products will be Potassium nitrate and silver chloride

What happens when silver nitrate is added to barium chloride?

It becomes Barium Nitrate combined with Silver Chloride

What happens when zinc sulphate is added to copper?

Zinc is higher up the reactivity series than copper, so when copper is added to zinc sulphate solution, nothing happens. If zinc had been added to copper sulphate solution, then copper would have been produced and zinc would have dissolved to form zinc sulphate.