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It releases nutrients into the water and the lava cools. It can Also cause a tsunami. A tsunami is a giant wave that washes away entire cities. >:o

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Q: What happens when an underwater volcano erupts?
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What are the release dates for UnderH2O - 2013 When a Volcano Erupts Underwater - 1.1?

UnderH2O - 2013 When a Volcano Erupts Underwater - 1.1 was released on: USA: 15 April 2013

What landform would form if an underwater volcano erupts?

An island

What are the release dates for UnderH2O - 2013 When a Volcano Erupts Underwater 1-1?

UnderH2O - 2013 When a Volcano Erupts Underwater 1-1 was released on: USA: 15 April 2013

What is formed from quickly cooling magma when an underwater volcano erupts?


Can lava come out of an underwater volcano?

Yes. However, lava that erupts underwater cools very quickly.

What happens as a volcano erupts?


How does magma come out of a volcano?

yes, after a volcano erupts this happens

What do you call a sea version of a volcano?

A volcano that erupts underwater may form an underwater mountain called a seamount. If the volcano is still active it can eventually form a new island.

What happens if a volcano never erupts?


How does a underwater volcano erupt?

An underwater volcano erupts the same way as one located above the water does. The main difference is that the under water volcano cools off quicker because of the water.

What happens under the ground when a volcano erupts?


What happens when a composite volcano erupts?

A cloud of debris is sent in to the sky.

What happens to the people after a volcano erupts?

THEY die of course!

What happens when a dormant volcano erupts?

Generally, a dormant volcano that erupts catches everyone by surprise. A dormant volcano often gives little to no warning before erupting.

What happens when a shield volcano erupts?

When a shield volcano erupts, lower-viscosity lava will typically fountain or flow out of a vent and then flow downhill.

What happens after a volcano erupted?

After a Volcano erupts the lava that comes out dries out and can make a new layer of a volcano.

What happens to the land around a volcano after a volcano erupts?

the land gets covered in lava

What happens to ash when a volcano first erupts?

it helps form the volcano to make it a mountain

What happens to the layers of the crust when a volcano erupts?

They burst open

Describe what happens when a volcano erupts?

bla bla bla

What happens to the atmosphere a a volcano erupts?

It will become hotter and drier.

When an underwater volcano erupts the magma cools quickly forming?

rock formations known as pillow lava

What events happens before a volcano erupts?

Before a volcano erupts there will be a series of small earthquakes, due to the pressure of the magma building underneath, and as the magma draws closer to the surface the volcano will release gases.

When magma from beneath the Earths surface erupts as a volcano what happens?

which are the following?

What happens to people when volcano erupts?

Generally, if the person is to close, they will die.

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