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Electrons are shared between the chlorine atoms and the bromine atoms.

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What are the observations when chlorine reacts with potassium bromide?

Red coloured bromine is formed. Bromides are displaced by chlorine.

Why does when sodiumbromide reacts with chlorine the solution turns yellow?

Sodium bromide reacts with chlorine to produce sodium chloride and bromine. 2NaBr + Cl2 --> 2NaCl + Br2. Bromine in color, though may appear yellowish in low concentrations.

What happens when ethanol reacts with bromine water?

Ethanol doesn't react with bromine water.

What does potassium react with?

Potassium reacts with nonmetals such as chlorine, bromine, fluorine, oxygen and iodine.

What happens when a bromine solution is added to an alkene?

alkenes will discolour bromine wateras the alkene reacts with it

What happens when carbon reacts with bromine?

Carbon doesn't react with bromine even at high temperature.

What happens when Potassium Metal reacts with liquid bromine?

Potassium reacts with bromine to form the salt known as potassium bromide. 2K + Br2 --> 2KBr

Which element is the third period halogen?

It is bromine. Edit: NO. It is NOT bromine. The third period halogen is chlorine (Cl). Bromine happens to be in period 4.

What happens when bromine reacts with sodium?

Sodium bromide(NaBr) is formed

What reacts with potassium?

all of the halogens: bromine, fluorine, oxygen, chlorine and iodine. and it is highly reactive with water.

What is a chemical that reacts with gold?

Gold reacts with chlorine, or bromine, to form the trihalides gold (III) chloride, AuCl3, or gold (III) bromide, AuBr3, respectively.

What happens when propane reacts with bromine?

It produces Bromopropane(C3H7Br) and Hydrogen chloride

Does gold react with halogens?

Gold (Au) reacts violently with the Halogens (Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine and Astatine).

What reaction happens between aqueous chlorine and sodium bromide solution?

Chlorine displaces bromine as it is more reactive, and it creates sodium chloride aqueous and bromine aqueous.

What happens when bromine is added to potassium chloride?

Br2 + KCl ---> no reaction. Bromine is less active than chlorine, so it will not replace it. Therefore, there will tend to be no reaction in this case.

What three elements does lead react with?

It reacts with more than 3. It reacts with oxygen, Fluorine, chlorine, bromine and Iodine. It can also react with nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorous

What happens if you mix chlorine and bromine?

All that happens if you crush up a bromine and a chlorine tablet and mix them in water is it becomes a stronger substance to kill bacteria, however i would not recommend getting in that water it can damage your skin.

Does chlorine reacts with acid to form toxic chlorine gas?

If you mean chlorine bleach, then yeas. Particularly this happens in hypochlorite bleaches.

What is the chemical formula for chlorine and potassium bromine?

Chlorine is Cl2 (chlorine is diatomic) and potassium bromine is KBr.

What happens in single replacement when bromine reacts with barium iodide?

Bromine replaces the iodide to form a Bromide.BaI2 + Br2 ----> BaBr2 + I2

What happens when bromine reacts with an phenol?

2 bromophenol, 4 bromophenol and hydrogen bromide are formed

What happens when the bromine solution reacts with acetylyne?

The chemical equation is:C2H2 + 2 Br2 = C2Br2H4

What is chlorine plus magnesium bromine?

Chlorine + Magnesium Bromide ----> Magnesium Chloride + Bromine

Why does bromine water fade when testing for saturation?

Bromine reacts with the double / triple bonds giving typically a colourless compound. the bromine water therefore fades as the bromine reacts.

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