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carbon dioxide and water

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What products are formed when ethene burns?

Combustion of ethene produces carbon dioxide and water.

What is the name and chemical formula of two compounds formed when ethene burns in oxygen?

Ethene plus oxygen (in excess) burns to give: Carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O)

What happens if you place a chicken leg bone over a fire and let it burn?

it burns

Name and chemical formula of the two compounds formed when ethene burns in oxygen?

Hydrgen and carbon H4C2

What happens if sulphur burns in oxygen?

The flame goes green and lots of smoke it let off

How burns happens-first aid?

how burns happens

What happens when ethene is mixed with bromine water?

it goes from a browny orange to colourless

What is benzyl ethene?

CH=CH2 | // \ | \\ / This is phenyl ethene not the benzyl ethene , benzyl ethene is a false term.

What happens to each ethene molecule when it becomes polyethene?

wht is it man half for answers

What happens to gold when it burns in Oxygen?

it burns i think

What is the formula for ethene?

The formula for ethene is C2H4.

Is ethene a hydrocarbon?

of course ethene is a hydrocarbon C2H6....

What happens if ethene is shaken with bromine water?

The solution will turn the orange bromine water into a colourless solution

Chemical formula of ethene?

Ethene (a.k.a. ethylene) is C2H4

How do you make ethanol from ethene?

Ethene and steam make ethanol

Is ethene an organic molecule?

Yes, ethene is an organic molecule.

Is ethene nonpolar?

yes ethene ---> C2H4 is non-polar

Formula for ethane to ethene?

formula for ethane is C2H6 and for Ethene is C2H4

Chemical symbol for ethene?

The chemical formula for ethene (an alkene) is C2H4.

Is ethene ionic or covalent?

Covalent, ethene has a double bond, C2H4

What is the hormone ethene?

Ethene is a plant homone that makes fruit ripen

What is the more common name for ethene?

Ethene is usually called ethylene.

What happens when food burns?

No I Cannot.

What happens to your esophagus when you have heartburn?

it burns.

What happens to a toe in acid?

It burns

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