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it make the earth hotter

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Were does the sun hit the earth?

If the sun hit the earth we would be all dead.

How long will it take for the sun to hit the earth?

the sun would hit the Earth in about 5000,0000,0000,0000,0000 years

How long does the sun from the moon take to hit earth?

The rays from the sun take 8 minutes to hit the earth

Will sun hit the earth?

I think the sun will hit but not in 1,00's of years.

Will the sun hit the earth?


When is the world going to hit the sun?

In about 5.5 billion years, the sun will swell to a size where it will engolf the Earth. But since the sun is gas it can't really 'hit' the Earth.

What happens when lightning hit earth?

it might smoke a tiny bit where it hit the earth

Is the sun going to hit the earth?

No. It won't.

Why does the sun hit the earth unevenly?

Earth is tilted on it's axis .

What would happen if a shooting star hit the sun?

It happens all the time. What happens to the Sun? Nothing at all.

Why do meteors hit planet earth?

They will hit Earth if, in their orbit around the Sun, they happen to cross Earth's orbit.

What does the angle of earth have to do with the seasons?

it affects the angle at which the sun rays hit the earth

What would happen if the Sun hit the Earth?

Well before it hit the earth, if the sun came toward the earth, it would heat up the earth and everything on it. Then as it got closer and closer eventually it would just burn the Earth and everything on it.

How many times will the earth orbit around the sun?

The earth will keep revolving around the sun until the sun dies out or earth is hit by a really big asteroid and knocks it out if its orbit.

What happens if thunder hits earth?

Thunder is sound waves. They hit Earth all the time, and nothing in particular happens.

What angles does the sun hit the earth?

The angle at which the Sun's rays hit the Earth varies by time of day, date, and your location. When the Sun is directly overhead, the angle is 90 degrees; when the Sun is just on the horizon, the angle is zero degrees.

How does the sun heat the earth unevenly?

The earth is on a tilt so it can't hit the earth everywhere at the same time.

Why does the earth get more energy from the sun in summer than winter?

The Earth orbits the sun in an oval shape. During the time where the Earth is closest to the sun, the season will be summer. The closer the Earth is the more rays from the sun that will hit it. More rays, more energy.

What causes light from the sun to hit different parts of the earth at different angles?

Tilting of the Earth

What happens when electromagnetic waves hit an object?

The Moon Perpendicular to the sun

How long does it take for light from the sun to hit the earth?

about 8 minutes.

What time does the sunlight hit the earth?

8minutes and 20seconds after it leaves the sun.

What causes temp to increase with height through stratosphere and decrease with height through mesosphere?

UV radiations hit the ozone layer in the stratosphere. The energy is turned into heat energy. The mesosphere has no heat source in itself and is far away from the Earth and the Sun. Both heat sources.

What happens as the Sun burns?

when the sun burns, it heats up it sorroundings, that how we get heat, its energy hit earths layers.

Why is there day and night on earth?

Day and night depend on what half of the earth is facing the Sun. As the earth spins on its axis the side which was being hit by the Sun slowly turns away. That side is then night as there is no sun shining down on it.